Guns, Girls & Gasoline Box Set (Steelbook) (6 films!) £5.89 @

Guns, Girls & Gasoline Box Set (Steelbook) (6 films!) £5.89 @

Found 2nd Feb 2011
This box set features the following films:

Snatch (Dir. Guy Ritchie) (2000): Guy Ritchie, writer/director of 'Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' delivers another awe-inspiring directorial masterpiece. 'Snatch' is an edgy and hilarious film about a diamond heist gone wrong, a colourful Irish gypsy turned prizefighter, and a very temperamental dog.

The Fast & The Furious (Dir. Rob Cohen) (2001): From the opening sequence the film never drops below the red line. Roaring along at breakneck speed, Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew meet on the streets of L.A. each night to show off their high-powered racers. When new guy Brian (Paul Walker) wants to add his fuel to the fire, he can't getup the money to race, but offers up his car as collateral. In their tiny jacked compacts, Dom, Brian, and Edwin (Ja Rule) burst into a high-gear race with Brian nearly beating perennial champion Dom.

But in the final moments, he loses the race and his car.

Brian's debt is quickly cleared, however, when he saves Dom both from the cops and from a potentially violent encounter with Johnny Tran (Rick Yune), a rival gang lord. Dom takes Brian under his wing--a decision that disgusts his gang but delights his sister Mia

Easy Rider (Dir. Dennis Hopper) (1969): Written by Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and Terry Southern (Dr Strangelove), Fonda produced the low-budget production whilst Hopper took on directing duties, receiving an award at Cannes for his first work. Since its release, Easy Rider has been regarded as a symbol of free-spirited reaction against society, and even for those too young to remember its original release, it maintains its status as a classic film which characterises the attitude of a decade. Now, after 30 years, Easy Rider has been remastered and is presented here in High Definition with both clearer picture and sound quality.

Into The Blue (Dir. John Stockwell) (2005): Treasure has its price in this gripping underwater thriller set off the tropical shores of the Bahamas.

Four young divers discover a legendary shipwreck rumoured to contain millions in gold at the bottom of the sea. But nearby on the ocean floor, a plane full of illegal cargo threatens their find and, with their loyalties tested, the treasure hunters soon find themselves as the hunted...

DOA: Dead or Alive: You're invited...

A number of fighters are invited to DOA, an invitational martial arts contest where combatants are then pooled against one another in a knock-out style tournament: the conquered is sent home while the conqueror progresses to the subsequent round.

Four scantily-clad female fighters begin as rivals but consequently find themselves teaming up against an altogether mightier force.....

Check your brains at the door and engage your sense of shameless high-kicking fun: it's the Hollywood interpretation of Tecmo's videogame brawler, Dead or Alive!

Crank: Poison in his veins. Vengeance in his heart.

A professional hit man, Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) discovers that a poisonous injection threatens to kill him if his heart rate drops below a certain point. Now he must exact his revenge on the people who injected him before he takes his last breath!
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Great set - some perfect turn off your brain and enjoy films
Might want to amend the title, as it's actually 6 films(!) Great price.
Bought at this price before Xmas. Great looking steelbook IMHO.

At under £1 a film this is a great deal.
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