Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction - £3.99 delivered @ HMV
Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction - £3.99 delivered @ HMV

Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction - £3.99 delivered @ HMV

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An absolute classic that still sounds good.
Buy it and put it in your car and turn it up loud !

1. Welcome to the jungle
2. It's so easy
3. Nightrain
4. Out ta get me
5. Mr Brownstone
6. Paradise city
7. My Michelle
8. Think about you
9. Sweet child o' mine
10. You're crazy
11. Anything goes
12. Rocket queen


Essential for any fan of rock or music in general.


Good price, so hot from me.

But I already have this album...
On Vinyl with the original artwork :w00t: .


Read Slash's autobiography, too. V Good.

classic album, from when they were a band rather than a distorted abortion of noise strewn forth from Axl Rose's warped brain.

Absolutely great album still to this day, this and Lies are G'n'R at their best.........

Also Lies - £2.99 at play! I would post it but everytime I do its usually been done already!

Yep its already been posted, lol.

£3.99 for a 22 year-old album that still sounds like it was recorded yesterday.

You MUST have this.



You can still find this instore in HMV for £3. They still had a stack left at my local branch on Saturday.

Timeless. A better debut I doubt I'll ever hear.

GnR never bettered this, but regardless of the pap they put out afterwards, this album cements them as legends. The word classic has no better home.

Great spot OP :thumbsup:

I agree with every opinion
Heat added

All classics tunes--Mr Brownstone standout track imo --heat added

i have a tape of me when i was 5 singing welcome to the jungle back in 86. the song and album just get better over time. agreed with guy who says there'll never be a better debut album!

Cold - it's been £3 instore for aaages.

One of the best albums ever!!! :w00t:

£7.99 now
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