Gutter Guard, £2.49 @ Aldi
Gutter Guard, £2.49 @ Aldi

Gutter Guard, £2.49 @ Aldi

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Protects gutters and drains from clogging up with tree leaves and branches.

I've got these on my garage gutters below overhanging trees.
Fiddly to fit but they do the job.


1 black plastic mesh net, length approx. 6m and width approx. 17.5cm

15 plastic clips


Cheers for the heads up! Been looking for some of this for a while

very flimsy stuff, not the normal stuff you see in Wickes B&Q etc


very flimsy stuff, not the normal stuff you see in Wickes B&Q etc

That's the thing,is it cheap to buy because it's cheap initself and won't do the job very well.

Also in Lidl from the 26th Aug at £2.49

don't know if the quality is any better than one posted?


Bought the lidl stuff years ago for a bungalow with moss on the roof and surrounded by treees. Worked a treat,no moss or leaves in the guttering since fitting. Hot

Well, i have used this before and its rubbish. I came up with a DIY solution to cover the drain. You know those instant bar-b-Q's. The wire rack on those are perfect for covering up drains....just snip to size...perfect.
So you can have a billy-no-mates barbq, then in the morning when its cooled off, fix your drain! A cheap simple solution, and can be replaced as and when required! never had any problem in 3 years since i been using it.

havent voted either way.

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Yes they would be rubbish at covering drains, they are not meant for that.
They prevent drains from clogging up by covering the gutters and downpipes, you still need to protect the gullies with a grating.

I bought 4 sets of these last time Aldi had them, still waiting for my husband to get the ladder out and fix them.
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