Guylian large box 517g down to £4 at ASDA!!

Guylian large box 517g down to £4 at ASDA!!

Found 21st Dec 2013
Were £6, then £5 now £4! Great massive box for the price! Found at ASDA Straiton. 517g
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Can someone add a pic if poss? Thanks
Only Guylian online is the 250g Seashells at £5 or 3 for £10. Is this a one store deal?
Good deal looks a lot more expensive as in a nice gold box .
Ah wish I knew an Asda that had these near me, Manchester
These are awful after the first couple .. Good as presents tho
What are they?

Edit: Googled it and the image brings back memories all these years craving them and I didn't know what they were called. Thanks HOT
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This is not the picture..! Sorry I can't add the pic, but I have seen them in Asda today!
Looks like this is the correct item?
i got them at the south shields store yesterday.. its not the box pictured above. its quite a big box (slim and gold) bought a few as they look nice and at £4 i thought theyd make nice stocking fillers. (i know they wont fit in stockings!! lol )

Looks like this is the correct item?

Yes ..this is the one!;)

Yes ..this is the one!;)

Yup well done will change it when I get back from work!
Wrong pic - is a much bigger box than that. In stock in Paignton this morning
cheers got a couple of boxes for presents
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My tablet is being stupid and not letting me change the pic. But it is this picture that represents the correct guylian chocolates xx
Thats the picture on the boxes I bought in Dalgety Bay

Only the Guylian seashells are nice - I've found the Guylian chocolates to be fairly average.
Edinburgh straiton?
are these the same chocolates as in the white box?

Edinburgh straiton?

Yep not sure if there any left - should be hopefully

are these the same chocolates as in the white box?

It's not a white box - if u check my earlier comment it shows the correct picture
They have loads in Minworth store
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