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Club 55 Promotion - £35 @ First Great Western
Found 15th Sep 2011Found 15th Sep 2011
Club 55 Promotion - £35 @ First Great Western
First Great Western are running their Club 55 promition from 19th September until 20 November. It's a bit more complicated than previous years (one zone is £20 then £15 for two zo… Read more
£1 Train Tickets Between London & Oxford @ First Great Western
Found 4th Mar 2011Found 4th Mar 2011
£1 Train Tickets Between London & Oxford @ First Great Western
train fares between london and oxford for only a quid!

Heat up. But hardly any return fairs in the evening for a quid :( In fact, hardly any evening returns full stop!


day out from london for two quid, with lunch at the Mal, which is doing two courses for two with a bottle of wine for £30 8)


Excellent a £1 fare during the Easter break! Thx OP


I've just checked with FGW Customer Services about boarding at intermediate stations such as Reading or, in my case, Slough. I was told that it is "point to point only", Paddington to Oxford or vice-versa. Boarding / alighting at intermediate stations is not permitted. I pointed out that this restriction is not obvious within the offer and needs to be more prominently displayed, and I was then told that I would find the restrictions within the "Mobitix" and "Print at Home" terms and conditions! Since the rail industry's cynical "Simpler Rail Fares" publicity campaign a year or so ago there have been quite a number of these seemingly illogical offers. This one has cropped up because FGW feels the need to compete with the cheap coach services between London and Oxford as well as potential rail competitors. As the coaches don't stop at Slough or Reading or any of the small stations, FGW doesn't see any need to reduce fares from these places. Some will remember the well-deserved bad publicity last year for South West Trains when they "fined" a couple more than £100 for "getting off two stops early" whilst using a similar bargain ticket between Waterloo and Southampton. I fear that until the rail industry's fare regulators take an interest, this nonsense will continue. Nonetheless, this is certainly a good deal for those able to take advantage of it.


I DONT KNOW WHY DONT YOU LOOK??? and stop shouting!

Train fares from £5 for Oyster Card Holders
Found 28th Jun 2010Found 28th Jun 2010
Train fares from £5 for Oyster Card Holders
This summer, First Great Western are offering Oyster card and Freedom pass holders exclusive discounts on train tickets.which means you could travel from London to Wales and back f… Read more

Surely this is exactly the same deal, so duplicated


good stuff, repped.


Very similar to this ]

10% off Advance  Rail Tickets booked online @ FirstLateWestern
Found 13th Sep 2009Found 13th Sep 2009
10% off Advance Rail Tickets booked online @ FirstLateWestern
10% off advance purchase rail tickets booked online at First Great Western - and Railcard discounts still apply too! Advance means that you must book by the day before. A good de… Read more

Seems to have expired - tickets for 14 days ahead are same price as everywhere else. And wont work on London Travelcards either


So, is this only on Great Western lines? My tickets are showing the same price as the Scotrail tickets I was going to book.


It definitely is First LATE Western! Train cancelled this morning without any explanation or apology and the one after was late - no apology either! :x Damn train company!!!:x


Just be thankful you don't have to use Arriva Trains Wales. I actually miss FGW, now that I have to use Arriva only.


FirstLateWestern i LOL'd

Free train travel between Oxford and Bicester 23 to 25 May
Found 18th May 2009Found 18th May 2009
Free train travel between Oxford and Bicester 23 to 25 May
Only really useful if you live there - or can use it for split ticketing? - Please note that Bicester Town station is a 15min walk from Bicester North. "Don't miss out - on the we… Read more
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try this direct........


Link Dead?

£5 off all £6+ train fares with First Great Western
Found 2nd May 2009Found 2nd May 2009
£5 off all £6+ train fares with First Great Western
Not as good as the £9 deal-but might save a few pennies ! The train operator First Great Western currently has a promotion on, giving £5 off to the first 200,000 people to buy tic… Read more
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As your original post is now over 1 month old we do allow a deal repost, but thank you for the link information :thumbsup:


Already posted under vouchers: Good deal though, I've used it twice with different e-mail addresses.


This has been live of over a month and has already been listed, expired

Over 55? First Great Western launch Club 55
Found 17th Feb 2009Found 17th Feb 2009
Over 55? First Great Western launch Club 55
There is no membership fee, but clearly life begins at 55! Are you over 55? If so, with Club 55 you are entitled to return off-peak travel anywhere on the First Great Western netw… Read more
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Just to keep you young uns in check!!! We fought a war for you lot and this is the thanks we Trains are running empty anyhow off peak. Keeps the tea trolly person in a job...see, there we go again! Keeping you all in work.


and will probably take up two seats :-)


and got more money as well as they been working longer than us young`uns


Why should the old people get the deals! They take up the same amount of bloody space on the train!!!

£5 off any rail tickets via Great Western
Found 25th Nov 2008Found 25th Nov 2008
£5 off any rail tickets via Great Western
Great Western is offering £5 off tickets costing more than £6 to the first 200,000 people that register on its site. The discount will work on any journey you can book through the … Read more

Still going until June. I have just used it for a ticket to London.


nice one got a trip to london in feb so a fiver will sweeten the deal


Excellent deal! Heat added.


This was posted ages ago I remember And the link you want is


will try cheers op

£5 off any first great western train (all trains) when you register
Found 14th Oct 2008Found 14th Oct 2008
£5 off any first great western train (all trains) when you register
Save £5 on your next booking with First Great Western! We're giving away a £5 discount on any ticket booking for a single or return journey over £6 all you need to do is be one o… Read more

Why were you prosecuted? I have had possibly a similar experience with the operators (including FGW) that use the Trainline booking engine. They have had a draconian way of treating failed transactions. If you make a mistake e.g mispell your address or someone tried to use your card fraudulently or address to book a ticket, then you or anyone at your address got barred for life! You could still book on the phone with the same card and with possibly less security though - e.g no verified by visa. This was so silly that it must have hurt their business as I generally prefer to book online. So I moved to National express trains for my tickets. Out of the blue I got an email from Virgin trains (this was the company that I had originally tried to sort the problem out with - till today I have no idea why my account and address was barred) explaining that it would be now OK for me to use my card on their website. A lot of time had elapsed since I tried to initially sort the problem out and hence I will stick to National express from now on - except for special offers. Very silly policy I might try one day to see if i have truly been unbarred.


Great post i got the email today,as long as you book within the specified dates you can travel when you want


posted already


i was 'prosecuted' by fgw recently after my card was declined. after providing evidence that my card was active i settled out of court, i wonder if they'll give me this voucher . .

Found 5th Jun 2008Found 5th Jun 2008
I was just checking train times on First Great Westerns website when I came accross this. "Free travel from Bristol Temple Meads and all stations to Avonmouth Sunday 1st and Sunda… Read more
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I don't know the area at all, just saw that it is free travel. Thought there might be someone out there who could benefit.


But why would you want to go to Avonmouth?!? Its a good freebie if you work down there, but its just a dirty docking yard. I wouldn't like to see what the water looks like down there, if you can get that close!

Season Tickets, save £100's with First Great Western
Found 3rd Aug 2007Found 3rd Aug 2007
Season Tickets, save £100's with First Great Western
Much to my frustration I discovered yesterday that First Great Western charge massivley inconsistent amounts for season toickets between different stations. I travel every day from… Read more

apologies, didn't mean to slag the place off. Bristol is much nicer IMHO. I have all my friends/family here so that's why I commute. For my route it seems that the big stations cost more so TM,Swindon,Reading are expensive unlike chippenham and didcot. I got quotes for all the variations (including Parkay) and this way was the cheapest.


I dont think many people like First Great Western after their ticket chopping and changing earlier this year - a bit like first capital connect did with peak time changes. Says a lot for first group, eh? The almalgamation of all the west country rail routes in to one franchise under first rule didn't help either. I can understand that splitting season tickets up is a good idea - but if you live in Bristol there are other possibilities - see how much a season ticket from Bristol Parkway - Swindon - Reading would be, or try a season ticket Temple Meads - Bath Spa - Swindon - Reading.


Oi! Reading to London is under £3500 (and I think it's a nice place to live)


Why ? :)


readsing is horrid. I wouldn't want to live there

Rail Card discounts now available on Firstminute (Cheapest ) fares on FGW
Found 25th May 2007Found 25th May 2007
Rail Card discounts now available on Firstminute (Cheapest ) fares on FGW
Holders of Rail cards will be pleased to know that their rail cards can now be used on the cheapest fares on FGW. I am uncertain if other train companies will follow suit (or might… Read more

1. I take it you have a Family rail card? 2. Have you looked at the single fares (as opposed to return tickets)? 3. If still no luck - play around with breaking the tickets e.g instead of looking at say Bristol to Leeds - look for Bristol to Birmingham and then Birmingham to Leeds, you will often find cheaper tickets that way. I take it you dates of travel are fixed? How soon do you go and where are you travelling from?


im travelling to skegness for a 3 day break to butlins with my kids and fare is £80,not far off the price of my break,does anybody know how i can get the train fare a little cheaper????thanks niki


I don't think this is different than any modality of travel e.g looking for a cheap air/coach fare . I never find it hard to check for cheap fares - them being available is another thing. I can see it being difficult if you say, decide you can go on any day in the next month and only at a certain price - you then have to do multiple searches. But if you have more specific dates like any 2 weekends next month, It's fairly easy to check availability.


The biggest problem with these so-called 'cheap fares' is that you've got to do so much hunting around to find them, its easier just to drive! Train companies don't care that it is difficult to find their cheapest tickets - they know some poor sap will be caught out and have to pay full whack on the day. They really need to be showing a list of all the cheapest tickets available, and people can then choose from that. Most of the time, travellers are able to vary when they go, providing they know what the cheapest times are to go. Taking pot-shots with random values to search for the cheapest fares isn't the best way to do this.