Gyration Gyrotransport air mouse presenter 512MB
Gyration Gyrotransport air mouse presenter 512MB

Gyration Gyrotransport air mouse presenter 512MB

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Bought one of these for my Media centre PC and its superb. Uses Wii technology only its better.

Gyration Gyrotransport air mouse presenter 512MB
The Gyration Air Mouse gives you the freedom to move around the room so you can be as dynamic as your presentation!

The RF receiver doubles as a flash memory drive so you can load your files directly from the PC and take it with you. When youre ready to present simply plug the RF receiver into any compatible PC. The mouse has plug and play functionality, enabling you to load your presentation and start presenting - wherever you are.

The Swipes feature lets you move through your presentation and scroll menus with just a flick of the wrist.

Your Air Mouse also includes GyroTools, a software package which includes over 80 tools that give you greater control of your digital media and enhance your presentations. Surf the internet, run applications, play games, and control your entire media system with the touch of a finger or flick of the wrist you choose and assign the controls. The presentation effects tools let you add a whole new dimension to PowerPoint, from anywhere in the room.


Key fob size wireless air mouse for in-air cursor control
Built-in 512 MB Flash Memory with auto launch
30m / 100' range with no line of sight limitations
GyroTools Presentation Edition Media Control Software for Windows® with over 80 dynamic tools pre-loaded on Flash Memory
With Swipes button for motion activated control and effects



:w00t: What a name - the Gyration Gyrotransport ! :giggle:

no laser pointer..? hmm..

clever little thing! the Gyrations are brilliant.

Original Poster

Forgot to mention the same shop is selling the 1gb model for over £95 and these are £100+ in some shops. Nobody came near to this price after some research into it. I was also thinking about getting the Logitech MX air but glad i never now as i saved myself a small fortune and this is a neat little unit that even goes on your keyring and does the same job.


no laser pointer..? hmm..

Totally agree!

Very sad and IMO quite an omission from a device that would be perfect otherwise!

Still a great price though....

oh plus 3.82 postage, nice deal tho

Though if it's a mouse won't it have a pointer on screen? Being a mouse!

Got one of them, I would not recommend it as compared to Logitech's it has a much shorter range, eats through the battery and I experienced a couple of freezes - which was embarrasing during a presentation.

I bought an IR remote control laser pointer from Deal Extreme, basically with up and down buttons to move through your presentation (signal received via a usb receiver plugged into your laptop). Only cost about a fiver. Something similar cost about £30 from PC World.

According to Misco link - THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

I ordered one yesterday but had a phone call this morning cancelling the order as they didn't have any in stock.

I have ordered one from Amazon now for £26.11.
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