Haagen Daz Pralines & Cream 500ml for 98p in sainsburys

Haagen Daz Pralines & Cream 500ml for 98p in sainsburys

Found 18th JanMade hot 19th Jan
long sell by date so in freezer it go till weather warms up a little


which store?

Lol lucky if it would last til the weekend in our house

Not bothered about long sell by date. Won't last past this weekend in our house. Heat

Which Sainsbury's store did you find this at?

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priory walk colchester

oh man.... that's my local!!!

can't resist...

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midday looked like sold out till found few behind the vanilla tubs, then after work at 6pm tonight
found they put another load in so I got 6 more

They had the Baileys flavour for 98p in the Horsham branch but couldn't see this one

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bbd was either sept 13 or nov 11 2017, ironically enough no baileys flavour in my store

I saw honey and walnut for 59p in Coventry but all were gone ofcourse

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seems they selling different flavours in others stores cheap
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