Haagen Dazs -  £2 @ Asda online and instore

Haagen Dazs - £2 @ Asda online and instore

Found 8th Nov 2010
Just been to Asda and noticed many of the Haagen dazs flavours were £2. Online showing Dulce De leche, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry Cheesecake, Vanilla and Baileys flavours at his price. Think there may have been a couple of others available at this price but can't remember exactl which.

Now all flavours are £2 13/11/2010
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BAileys for me please
Wow, This ice cream is about to melt


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Actually I just picked up one of these from a local co-op supermarket for £1.99 (half price), similar price:p
Yep I've bought 3 tubs from the Co-op in the last week all for £1.99. The diet is going well.......
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Dulce De leche is ruining my life lol!

Guess I'm off to Asda.

Excellent.. not as cheap as the Ben & Jerry's was, but they're a bit sickly for my.. more kids ice cream. HD are much nicer to me as they're a bit more subtle and... adult? Odd word to use for ice cream, but better suited to my tastes =)
Been to 4 different Co-op's and none of them had Belgian Chocolate.
Now this doesn't mention this flavour also.
Best ice cream flavour ever.
Just scoffed a whole tub of Baileys. Nearly half price, nearly half the calories. X)
It's on for all flavours according to the website! Pralines and cream. yum
Anyone thinking of getting the Co-op offer should go now! the offer runs out tonight, they've already changed the labels back in my local but still £1.99 at checkout.
Got some last minute supplies
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Im fuming. My local store that delivers my online groceries is the big one at Clydebank. I could find no Haagen Dazs on the website at all, so phoned the actual shop. The manager there told me that they stopped selling Haagen Dazs last week! They are only doing Ben & Jerry's and some other brands. He said that is why it's half price, they had it half price recently to get rid of remaining stock. He couldn't say if this is the same all over the UK, but said as they are the biggest store in that region, it means the other smaller ones will be following suit.

I can only assume that Haagen Dazs are refusing to play supermarket games, being charged for "premium" space and all that malarkey. Otherwise, why would it not be sold? Baffled.
Still available
Now back up to full price
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