Haagen Dazs Choc Choc Chip 500ml £1.03 @Tesco

Haagen Dazs Choc Choc Chip 500ml £1.03 @Tesco

Found 11th Apr 2011
Chocolate chip favor cost £1.03 while others cost £2.07 @ Tesco.
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Not available to me online - think it might be a discontinued item and therefore store-specific. On the plus side though, all Haagen Daz is half price at £2.07.
Got this deal last week again looks like it is discontinued - good deal though if you can pick it up!
absolutely scorchio if you can get it
RTC = Reduced to clear. Discontinued line.
NO WAY!! i just bought them from waitrose - 2 for £5!!!
normal price is £4.35 for 1 or something so i thought it was a good deal. haha
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I bought raspberry and white chocolate for £2.17 last night.
The cheap choc chip was labled a £1.03 last week too in my local store but they had none of it in stock ever so I assumed they had a limited ammount that was snapped up instantly. So well done if you can find some
Got some yesterday afternoon in Tesco Southend/Rochford, outstanding stuff.

It's no Ben & Jerry's though!
Nice one if you can get it. Got the cookies and cream to try.
Yummy! Thanks OP!
Sold out at mine. Which is a shame, as I was gonna eat some ice cream in honour of WWE's Edge's retirement.
Anyone know what happened to Chocolate Midnight Cookies flavour? Was the best!

Anyway, great price - hot.
Tesco walkden had loadsssss of these! I bought 6 last night & there were still at least 20-30 tubs left in the freezer!
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