Haakaa silicone breast pump £16.10 (Prime) / £20.09 (non Prime) Sold by Haakaa UK and Fulfilled by Amazon.

Haakaa silicone breast pump £16.10 (Prime) / £20.09 (non Prime) Sold by Haakaa UK and Fulfilled by Amazon.

Found 27th Aug 2016
I've been waiting for these to be released in the UK, a lot of people rave about them but they have only just come over from New Zealand.

You can get cheap versions from China on eBay, but this is now on Amazon at such a good price, without having to wait for delivery. Plus this is guaranteed BPA free.

It works by suction so aparantly can be 'hands free' and best used whilst feeding / pumping the other side.

Can't wait to try mine.
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Free delivery when spending more than £20.
Hmm sounds interesting. I was going to buy electric pump as recommended by most of people but this one looks intriguing
What if you don't have silicone breasts?
For my first baby I used tommeetippee manual breastpump but my wrists were killing me so for my second baby I used electric one. Much better. I would use electric one if you want to express a lot not just occasionally
I got one exactly the same on eBay for £1.99 , works a treat for expressing while feeding.
I listed this as £16.10 but it's been amended to say £20.09 non prime. I've not got prime and it was £16.10 for me. free delivery with order over £20 still applies.
There is a warning about cheap replicas and how sterile they are! For use on something as important I wouldn't be buying cheap rubbish. Make sure and buy the proper one as stated above
I have never seen such a thing! Looks really interesting I may have to try this! Heat added
mine arrived yesterday and I'm really impressed - got 3oz without having to do anything! Would definitely recommend.
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