Posted 26 December 2022

Habitat 80 Warm White Multi-Functional LED Lights - 4.7m - £1.80 (Free Collection) @ Argos

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Just ordered some of these for next year. Might be handy for someone

Add some Christmas sparkle to your home with this light set. Featuring eight functions, including twinkling gently and static, these Christmas lights are sure to brighten up your festive season.
Powered by the mains, there's 5m between the plug and the fist bulb. Suitable for indoor and
outdoor use. 80 LEDs with a clear cable.
• Celebrating Diwali? These string lights are the perfect decorative finishing touch. Hang them up, plug them in, and illuminate your festival of lights.
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Multifunctional lighting with 8 functions.
• Full length: 4.74m.
• 5m lead length between plug and decoration.
• with 6cm distance between bulbs.
• Cable colour: clear.
• Requires 80×LED bulbs (included).
• Mains powered.
• 230V.
• Boxed size H9, W17, D10cm.
Argos More details at Argos

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    I have a few of these, perfect for putting on fireplaces etc. not long enough for a tree (unless you have a very small tree ).
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    Great OP! Can always find a use for these things

    Also picked up 480 Bright White ones for the outside to go around the garage - £5.20. I'm sure I paid about £12.50-something for them back in November when I was sorting the decs out... Bargain! (edited)
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    Pic Looks like one of the hands from Terminator 1
    I was thinking exactly the same haha
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    Bought two sets. Absolutely no idea why..
    Of course you do, u bought them cause it’s a deal
  5. Avatar
    Thought that was ET's hand for a second.
    I thought it was the skeletal hand of someone buried in the woods...
  6. Avatar
    Thanks OP, heat added. Perfect for lighting up dark corners in our caravan
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    Thanks for posting @cheznpoppy87 . Picked up three that were in stock as the old ones needed replacing as quite a few leds stopped working.
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    Typical, could have done with these a couple of weeks ago.
  9. Avatar
    Ordered 2 - thanks
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    Ordered thanks. Needed a replacement set for the garland under the tv/fireplace (current one is the old replacement bulb type)… £1.80 you can’t go wrong!
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    Cheers @cheznpoppy87 picked up this warm white set and also the bright white set.
    Word of warning......the bright white set literally burn your eyeballs...... . I bought a set for the lounge window sill and it looks like it's on fire behind the curtains !! (edited)
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    I bought a few sets of these for the kids bedrooms when they were £2.40 a box. Lovely little set of lights and have made their rooms look really cosy for the winter / Christmas.
    Heat added.
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    thank you
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    Extremely good value
  15. Avatar
    Fantastic! Thanks for the post... Needed to replace mine!
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    Great just bought a set 🏻
  17. Avatar
    Good spot
  18. Avatar
    Absolutely no chance of these being in stock anywhere near me, live in Harrow.
    I also live in harrow
  19. Avatar
    Oos everywhere near me unfortunately. Surrey.
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    I thought it was the Terminator hand for a second going off the thumbnail lol
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    Could someone tell me if it remembers the last setting after it has been turned off, or do you have to cycle the control again (like a set I have)?
    Remembers the last settings.
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    Thanks ordered a couple of other sets reduced
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    Got some warm white from Wilko (reduced) and these.
    Wilko ones seem much nicer - almost candle light colour - much cosier feel
    How much was the Wilko ones, thanks?
  24. Avatar
    Nothing neat me, more's the pity
  25. Avatar
    Anyone know of dual volt (110v) ones so I can send them abroad? (asking too much,I know)
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    Absolutely no chance of finding these in stock
  27. Avatar
    Ordered some of these in ‘warm white’ before they were in the sale and took them back, there’s no way they’re warm at all! They were crazy bright white! Hurt our eyeballs.
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    I thought the first picture was a remake to Edward Scissor Hands.
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    Just bought 2 sets.. I will be bankrupt if I don’t get off this site. Buy so many bargains… that I don’t actually need