.hack/Roots: Volume 1 & Volume 2 Artbox (DVD & CD Boxset) only £3.49 each delivered @ Play
.hack/Roots: Volume 1 & Volume 2 Artbox (DVD & CD Boxset) only £3.49 each delivered @ Play

.hack/Roots: Volume 1 & Volume 2 Artbox (DVD & CD Boxset) only £3.49 each delivered @ Play

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.hack/Roots: Volume 1 Artbox (DVD & CD)

Having barely finished logging in for his first time into the game known as 'The World R: 2' then Haseo is attacked by a PK (Player Killer), a type of player who kills other in-game players for fun or profit. After coming to his aid - the mysterious leader of the 'Twilight Brigade', Ovan reveals Haseo has a particular 'gift'. Intrigued, Haseo decides to join Ovan's Guild and accompany Shino, Tabby and Sakisaka in their quest for a legendary object: The 'Key of the Twighlight'.This object is also coveted by another Guild, the powerful and respected TaN, lead by Naobi - who is monitoring the every move of Ovan. But does this legendary item really exist? More importantly - what is it?

* Promo Clips
* Textless opening and ending
* Beez Trailers
* ArtBox to fill with volumes 1 to 3
* an exclusive keyholder.

.hack//Roots: Volume 2 - Artbox (DVD And CD)

Mistrust is rife in the Twilight Brigade : everything seems to point to Haseo, the unlucky bictim of circumstances. But a mysterious object has appeared : the Virus Core, Haseo and Shino discover a strange place in the Lost Ground which holds the key to the meaning behind the Virus Cores' alll 6 of them, could they be a clue to the Key of the Twilight? With that suspicion the hunt for the Virus cores begins, but the Twilight Brigade isn't the only guild hunting for the objects' This could prove to be a perfect time for a trap to be sprung by Naobi, from the TaN guild.

* Original Soundtrack 2 by Ali Project
* Mobile Strap

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