.Hack//Sign - Vol. 7 [Artbox] DVD - £5.23 delivered @ The Hut+ Quidco
.Hack//Sign - Vol. 7 [Artbox] DVD  - £5.23 delivered @ The Hut+ Quidco

.Hack//Sign - Vol. 7 [Artbox] DVD - £5.23 delivered @ The Hut+ Quidco

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The online game "The World" attracts millions of players across the globe who spend hours or even days playing it. But and event brings chaos to the well-ordered World: a player by the name of Tsukasa is unable to log out of his virtual world and displays unusual powers which soon interfere with the game. Some other players, intrigued by this character who can do things no one else can, become interested in Tsukasa and try to help him. Over the course of their search, they gradually discover that The World has some unexplained mysteries and that Tsukasa's behavior could be linked to a mythical item in the game's world: the legendary Key of the Twilight...

Episodes include:

Episode 25 //Return
Separately, Tsukasa, Subaru, and Mimiru come to an unknown place. Will they manage to find each other despite the traps laid by the entity on their way, and will they at last be able to get back to the real world?

Episode 26 //Intermezzo
Mimiru feels all nostalgic to return to the impregnable castle where she learned so much from mysterious character a few years before in The World...

Episode 27 //Evidence
This originally constructed episode reminds some of the most important events in the series and particularly puts focus on Tsukasa and Subaru.

Episode 28 //Unison
Mimiru, Subaru, Tsukasa, Bear, and all their friends attend a party organized by Helba in the Net Slum.
Special Features

* .hack Universe (GameOne documentary)
* Picture Galleries
* Trailer .hack//INFECTION
* Capsule Station 1 & 2
* Opening & Ending Karaoke
* Special Promo

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