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Posted 3 September 2022

Haibike HardNine 5 500Wh Electric Hardtail Mountain Bike in Blue - £1879.20 delivered @ Cycle Revolution

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I'm in the market for an e-mountain bike and this looks amazing value.

I think the retail price of £2500 is a bit optimistic as I've seen them for under £2300 but at under £1900 this looks like a genuine reduction.

The Bosch Performance Line is perfectly adequate for most needs and the 500WH battery will give it great range too.

The rest of the parts are all pretty much entry level but the overall package looks a good deal from a quality manufacturer.

10 days free insurance too!!

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Haibike HardNine 5 500Wh Electric Hardtail Mountain Bike in Blue


Stock Code:28751BLUcanary

Haibike HardNine 5 500Wh Electric Hardtail Mountain Bike

The new HardNine 5 is the 29" hardtail eMTB which allows you to take on longer trails: The SR Suntour suspension fork with 120mm travel and the powerful disc brakes ensure your safety even on rough terrain.

The Bosch Performance Line motor with integrated 500Wh battery and the Shimano gear combination will push you to new eBike adventures.

  • Frame material - Aluminium
  • Drive unit - Bosch Performance Line, 65Nm, 25km/h
  • Battery - Bosch PowerTube 500Wh
  • Fork - SR Suntour XCM32 Boost DS, Travel: 120mm

    Bosch, Performance Line , 250W, 65 Nm, 25 km/h
    Bosch, Purion
    Bosch, PowerTube, 500 Wh
    Haibike, HardNine Gen3 Intube, Aluminium 6061
  • FORK
    SR Suntour, XCM32 Boost DS, Steel spring/oil, Travel = 120 mm, 1 1/8 - 1 1/2" tapered, 15 x 110mm thru-axle Boost
    Haibike, forged, Aluminium
    Tektro, M275, 180 mm, 2-piston disc brake
    Tektro, M275, 180 mm, 2-piston disc brake
  • TUBE
    Presta valve
  • RIM
    Schürmann, Yak25, with eyelets, hollow rim, Aluminium
    Quick release, 34.9 mm
    Shimano, Alivio M3100
    Shimano, Alivio M3100, Trigger switch, 9 Speed
    Integrated in the motor
    Shimano, HG200, 11 - 36 teeth
    KMC, e9S
    Steel, 38 teeth
    Tektro, M275, Aluminium
    Tektro, TR180
    Tektro, TR180
  • TYRE
    WTB, Ranger Comp, 55-622, 29" x 2.30"
    Haibike, Alu Nabe, 6-bolt standard
    Haibike, Alu Nabe, 6-bolt standard
    Sapim, Leader, Black
    XLC, Topflat, 720 mm
    Haibike, MTB grips
  • STEM
    XLC, Alu, A-head
    Feimin, A-Head Tapered, Ball bearing
    XLC, MTB
    XLC, Aluminium, Patent, 31.6 mm
    Freeridepedal , Aluminium, with Reflector,
    120.0 kg

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  1. Avatar
    When the battery packs break down on these things, can they be rebuilt cheaply, or is it the equivalent of printer ink, as in the hardware is cheap but.....
    Just for info, my father in-law has a Haibike Trekking 4.0 2018 model I believe, Bosch powered, 500wh battery, point is. He's now done just over 7,700 miles on it and still going strong on original motor and original battery! Genuinely not had to do any work on the bike other than brake pads, chain, tyres and 1x rear cassette. (Typical bike stuff...)

    So ye, the batteries are good for many, many miles and charge cycles!
  2. Avatar
    Makes for a great deal on cycle to work scheme, thanks OP
    Sadly not. Cycle to Work excludes bikes on sale.

    “Sale-priced bikes can't be purchased with Cycle to Work vouchers. If you do wish to use a cycle-to-work voucher the bike would be priced at RRP.”
  3. Avatar
    Are twist and go bikes (no pedalling) allowed now or are they still not street legal?
    Any ebike sold before 2017 is still legal to use that is twist and go and you can still buy them new if they go through a farcical testing process which adds to the cost of the ebike. However it should be said ebike legislation never allowed for ebike kits so the legality of those is more dubious. In Europe twist and go ebikes are illegal but they are ridden everywhere as many have fitted ebike kits to their normal bikes.

    If you buy a bike sold before 2017 and fit a throttle ebike kit to it. It would be very hard for the police to prosecute as long as it was 250W nominal and didn't assist beyond 15.5mph.

    A throttle is by far the best way of controlling ebike power, you only twist it when you need power and you scale the power to how much you need at that point. It's how almost all ebikes are controlled around the world except for the EU. It is efficient on the battery as you only use it when you need it and it allows for disabled and the weak elderly to cycle too. It also means in urban traffic where you need to focus on danger amongst other traffic it means you don't have to think about pedalling and you can control power exactly to navigate the road. It means you can pull away from junctions more cleanly. Can you imagine driving a car where to speed up or slow down you had to pedal faster or slower on a little crankset under the dashboard. I do think the pedelec system works great for e-mountain bikes though.

  4. Avatar
    Dig your old bike out of the shed, fit or have fitted a Bafang mid drive 250w motor with an 840wh battery and save £1000. Had mine fitted for free at the place I bought the kit.
    Where you get you bike done ? Cost ? Tia
  5. Avatar
    Pre covid this would have been 1200 to 1400 in September. This is probably a good deal now, all things considered.

    I personally do not like the look of the haibikes but at the end of the day it is the motor and battery you are buying.
    I'm looking to buy a bike now and similar specs are £2300-£2500 and lots of places are out of stock so this to me seems a good deal for a reasonable bike. I don't think we'll see pre covid prices again.
  6. Avatar
    What sort of mileage per charge would this do? Anybody know the range.. Tia
    They say between 25 to 115 miles but in real life, someone who has one tells me average is about 80 which is more than my bum could cope with.
  7. Avatar
    Hot for this class ebike
  8. Avatar
    Voted hot, for price, but the reason it’s nearly £1900 is the motor and battery. The bike specs are very very average
  9. Avatar
    Used an emtb for the first time recently, it was awesome. Rented for the trails in Rostrevor.

    This looks a good deal
  10. Avatar
    Nice bike although it's worth noting that the fork isn't the best and only fit for gravel and / canal paths rather than red+ trails (I have an xcm on mine and wished I'd gone for something better but the good thing about them is they require virtually no maintenance)
    Wouldn't say is a need but if you plan on doing jumps where the front wheel is getting any airtime I would suggest a better fork. I honestly believe a full suspension is overkill and ride my hardtail on red trails very often ( but it does take its toll on my hands). Full suspension is quite comfy for sure but, often riders do develop bad technique as a result of the full suspension hiding their flaws.
    In short hardtail is more fun and builds your skill Vs full sus being comfy and much more capable once you have the proper technique (but requires more maintenance)
  11. Avatar
    Don’t be a hater. It’s not a good look.
  12. Avatar
    Any further reduction from voucher codes ?
  13. Avatar
    Ive got a haibike hardnine, its an old one its absolutely awesome, dont have any doubts they are the biz.
  14. Avatar
    I was thinking of getting a Volt ebike does anyone have any thoughts or experience with the brand?
    Haibike are amazing from my experience, mine is unlocked and can do over 30mph with ease. Have no evperiene of volt, keep researching as pays dividends for us disabled athletes.
  15. Avatar
    11-36 cassette and a 38 tooth single chainring? that's more like hybrid gearing, surely - needs a much lower bottom gear
    Yes but the bike overall is really hybrid with mountain bike aspirations
  16. Avatar
    A good deal

    I must admit though, every time I see these I am thankful that I bought a Bafang kit for my Giant bike.
    Much cheaper, more powerful, programmable and easy to replace anything that goes wrong.

    Another bonus is the time spent on researching and installing the kit, has given me the knowledge to fix it myself.
    Yes, I would say the build your own option certainly gives you more control over what you end up with but I look at a bike like this and it's a simple consumer device - buy it and use it. £1900 isn't a huge amount for something that someone else has done all the setting up on and you know all the parts are going to work well together. I guess with your Giant bike you haven't got an integrated motor and battery, internal cable routings etc but I suspect your overall package gives you closer to what you want than this would. (edited)
  17. Avatar
    Great price for any bike with the Performance Line motor and 500Wh battery, let alone anything else.

    Absolutely scorching hot deal. (edited)
  18. Avatar
    Hi how do you work out the frame sizing at 49cm what height would this equate too?.
    If you go on the Haibike site, it gives you a calculator on there. I'm 5'11" and reckon I'm large so have ordered one on this basis.
  19. Avatar
    Looks good this is out of stock at the moment but worth checking with Decathlon and maybe available soon. They have a few models but this has great reviews decathlon.co.uk/p/2…875
  20. Avatar
    Only 49cm in stock... how to check if it's correct size? I think is too small for me (1.83m) but not sure where to confirm?
    Looks a great deal!!
    Check for sizing on the Haibike website
  21. Avatar
    As op honestly mentions in the description, the components are entry level. It is a deal considering the current state of things but I still think these prices are unreasonable. Take the 'electric' bit out and the price would be 1/3 price? Considering it is a mountain bike - if indeed you are planning to use it as a mountain bike - I don't understand why anyone would pay this money when the goal is to have performance going up and down rough hills, not to be on the tarmac going to work. (edited)
    All good points but with component shortages and raw material prices escalating, I don't think we will see a bike of this standing for less again. Not sure why it has been dropped to this level.
  22. Avatar
    I have a 2019 hardseven 1.0, paid £1199.00 back in 2019. Amazing bike. Only done 1200 miles. Sure I could get more now for it even on basic spec. These bikes are superb for non pro use as designed for all users to be balanced in all aspects of biking. I will not sell as aftermarket batteries can be obtained for under £300 !
  23. Avatar
    OOS now it appears!
    Yes. I didn't think it would last long at this price.
  24. Avatar
    Heat added

  25. Avatar
    A bike for nearly 2k and is entry level components?😳
    I think maybe I ll just stick with a car.
    If you pay entry level price, entry level is what you're going to get. This is in real terms about £400 less than normal.
  26. Avatar
    Just a final update on this as even though it is expired, other deals might come along or someone may be considering this bike anyway and now I've got delivery and have been using the bike, I can make more useful comment.
    Retailing at about £2500 but places do offer at about £2300 but not many have stock in the right size. At less than £1900, this was a genuine deal.
    Service from the Cycle Revolution was perfect and it was delivered without issue.
    The bike itself generally oozes quality. The frame welds, painting, battery and motor all really good.
    The bike is a real joy to ride, the poorest part are the forks. They're OK but you can tell they are a budget fork.
    The motor and control system is outstanding.
    I charged the battery on getting the bike and done 78 miles now, the range is showing I've another 23 miles left in Eco which I think is pretty good. I think someone commented that you'd be lucky to see 40 miles, I can only imagine they're using the motor all the time which kind of makes the bike part pointless to me, you may as well get an e-scooter if you're not going to put any work in yourself.
    Handling and general ride is really nice, it feels like a much better bike than you'd expect at this price but it is more hybrid than mountain bike. Haibike have done a great job in spending money on the parts that you can't easily upgrade.
    Altogether a really decent budget bike with the added bonus of an outstanding deal.
    The issue with such bikes is the long term reliability of the motor system and the expense of repair plus drivetrain wear. Definitely a torque sensor combined with a mid-drive motor is going to be fairly good for miles per charge especially if you use eco mode. There is no way of relying on the motor to do all the work like hub motors or kit mid-drive motors with throttles.

    When these bikes become problematic and beyond economic repair they are basically throw away items because they are highly proprietary.