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Posted 14 December 2022

Haier 9kg A+++ Heat Pump Tumble Dryer with 5 year warranty - £529 delivered @ Marks Electrical

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Haier HD90-A3959 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

Highly efficient A+++ with large 9kg load capacity, and comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty. Delivered free from Marks Electrical.

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I-Pro Series 5
If you are looking for excellent results for your laundry, look no further than Haier I-Pro Series 5 Tumble Dryer. This innovative range powered by Haier can guarantee professional results at home, while saving energy and time. Amazingly, hOn App and artificial intelligence provide you with remote control, so you can manage your I-Pro Series 5 Tumble Dryer anywhere and at anytime. On the other hand, the new Hygiene function helps you keep your laundry perfectly sanitized, by killing bacteria on the garments. In addition, its elegant and refined semi-touch-screen gives an extra hint of style and perfectly matches with the washing machine.

Expert engineering, unparalleled performance
The expertly engineered Inverter Motors in Haier tumble dryer have been built to last. The absence of carbon brushes vastly reduces friction, meaning less vibrations and more energy savings. Thanks to this engineering Haier offers a 5-year guarantee on all of its inverter motors.

Outstanding efficiency through precision engineering
A tumble dryer with an A+++ energy rating uses up to 60% less energy than one with an A energy rating. It is the highest rating on the market for energy efficiency. Haier's dedication to creating state-of-the-art products that are able to operate at maximum efficiency without ever compromising on performance means that all of our machines are consistently best in class in the home laundry market.

Protect your garments from bacteria
For professional level hygiene, simply press a button! Thanks to the Hygienic function, the I-Pro Series 5 Tumble Dryer can get rid of more than 99% of bacteria from your laundry, guaranteeing a longer and better life for your clothing. The Hygienic function is an innovation signed by Haier and certified by the VDE institute.

Add time to your cycles, for a deeper drying action
I-Time is the function through which you can add time to the selected cycle, in order to fulfil your need or will to dry fabrics in a deeper way. The time of the cycle could be increased pushing the dedicated button. Different programs add different amounts of time, according to the duration of the original cycle.

Professional results with I-Refresh
I-Refresh revitalises your fabrics thanks to the water stored in the drawer that create warm humid air, and precisely adjust the temperature inside your drum to ensure very best drying performance while taking care of your garments.

Designed to fit your home
Not all homes are designed in the same way. This is why Haier has created a reverse door for its I Pro Series 5 Tumble Dryer, that can seamlessly fit in all kinds of spaces. In just 4 steps you can adjust the opening of the door to better fit any room.

Keeps even your most delicate fabrics looking as good as new
This Haier’s tumble dryer drum benefits from a surface designed to ensure that even your most delicate fabrics remain in perfect condition, no matter how many times you dry them. The special pillow-shaped pads mean your laundry slips gently over the surface as the drum spins, never catching the fabric and causing it to deteriorate in quality.

Easy access, perfectly integrated into design
The new Haier filtering system allows the user to easily collect lint and fibers in a single place thanks to the triple layer design. This indoor position is very appreciated for comfort, innovation and design.

Mark's Electrical More details at Mark's Electrical
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  1. Avatar
    According to their data it’s only 550w and around £70 a year to run which is pretty impressive.
    That compared to a standard drier being around £190 per year and around 2kw.
  2. Avatar
    I am looking for a good dryer within £500-600 budget. Alternating between Haier and Samsung as brands but cannot decide...
    I have a Samsung 6 series, A+++ in the old ratings. I got it in April and it has been great, the cycle time is between 2 and 2 and a half hours using between 0.8 and 1.1kw. It is located in our conservatory and has been getting used in temperatures down to 7 degrees with no effect on run time. The only slight annoyance is having to remember to clean the heat exchanger manually every few weeks.
  3. Avatar
    This is a really good buy with the warranty. I just got one and it's brilliant
  4. Avatar
    Can this be plumbed In to save having to empty a tank? Are these quieter then a vented dryer? I'm considering putting it upstairs in the airing cupboard, but still running overnight. Thanks
    Yes, it has a drain hose so you don't have to empty it manually.
    Do you have a sink/drain pipe in your airing cupboard?

    The noise isn't any different in a heat pump vs. condenser due to the way it works, but different designs might make more or less noise. Check the manual or energy label as some will list the sound level in dB whilst it is running so you can compare (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Anyone else who bought this having issues with where to register for the 5 years parts and labour? All that is linked to is standard 10 years parts on Haier, and had no response from Marks CS...
  6. Avatar
    Thankyou. Is this any good? X
  7. Avatar
    Why is it only this model that has a 5 year warranty? Every other Haier on markselectrical is 2 years.
    Perhaps a dodgy one?!?
  8. Avatar
    Isn't it this price everywhere?
  9. Avatar
    I registered today and got 5 yrs labour and 10 yr parts

    Thanks OP
    Could I ask, does it come with the shoe dryer rack?
  10. Avatar
    A+++ - I don’t think so.
  11. Avatar
    5 years warranty for parts & Labour both? (edited)
    Says "5 years parts and labour, 5 years subject to registration within 28 days of delivery"
  12. Avatar
    Bitten the bullet. Thanks OP. Was waiting for a Samsung to come up around this price - mainly due to 5 year warranty. But this looks every bit as good according to spec and and reviews. Also lower electrical consumption according to spec and a post above.

    Don’t forget 3.75% Quidco! Almost £20
    Can you give some feedback please now that you have this?
  13. Avatar
    Bought this from RDO a few weeks ago for £539.

    Previously has a combined washer and dryer. This is so much better so far. Really impressed.
  14. Avatar
    Is this different to the one posted the other day around £439
    Previous deals have been for A++ models that use around 20% more electricity, and have had a two year warranty rather than five. (edited)
  15. Avatar
    I've bitten the bullet and ordered one. I have been hanging on for ages and the extra warranty swung it for me on this. Hopefully, I'll see the benefit on the electric bills! Thanks OP!
  16. Avatar
    I think I'm holding out for a series 7 deal.

    Do wish it was easier to compare differences between models though.
    Anyone know how this 3959 differs from the more common 2959?
    As far as I can tell, the eco rating and the warranty. That one is A++ and has a two year warranty.
  17. Avatar
    I can't stand damp clothes and I might have to bite at this...
  18. Avatar
    Marks usually do better than £10off, worth waiting?..
  19. Avatar
    Got Haier tumble from AO, had to return after 3 months as had excruciating squeaking noise which 3 engineer visits couldn’t solve. Ended up swapping for a Bosch, I’ve got a Haier washer though which is great, maybe just unlucky..
  20. Avatar
    This one’s got 5 years warranty and rating of A+++, which probably ticks the most important boxes for a dryer. What does higher series offer that people are waiting for?
    Please let me know if you find any reasons... I am planning to buy one as well.

    Also it is a bit weird. Black one has only 2 years warranty while the white one has 5 years. (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Price gone upto £680, missed out
    It's back down to £529

    Finally ordered one

    Thanks OP
  22. Avatar
    Did you get to register the warranty for 5 years okay? Got this arriving tomorrow and only bought it because of the warranty period, so hope it is not a problem to do. (edited)
    I contacted both

    They both confirmed 5 year guarantee

    Fingers crossed (edited)
  23. Avatar
    Can someone who got this comment on the quality please?
  24. Avatar
    Where does the water get collected in this thanks
    Top left drawer
  25. Avatar
    no 5 years warranty anymore, so not the same deal.
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