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Haier A3FE635CMJ 60/40 Stainless Steel Inox No Frost 60cm Fridge Freezer With 2 Year Warranty - £399 Delivered @ Crampon & Moore
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Haier A3FE635CMJ 60/40 Stainless Steel Inox No Frost 60cm Fridge Freezer With 2 Year Warranty - £399 Delivered @ Crampon & Moore

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Posted 1st Jun

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Not a cheapest ever, but either way a good price on a very well reviewed Haier model. The last offer was back in Jan for this one. After that the best it's been is £429 according to pricing history. It's a 60/40 and frost free, which you should expect at this price point really. No code or anything

Delivery is free

  • Weight (KG) - 90.0000
  • Fit Type - Freestanding
  • Refrigeration Unit Type - 60cm Upright
  • Refrigeration Type - Fridge Freezer
  • Frost Free - Yes
  • Energy Efficency Rating - A++
  • Total capacity (NET) - 330
  • Fridge capacity (NET) - 233
  • Freezer capacity (NET) - 97
  • Manufacturer warranty - 2 Years
  • Freezer Compartments - 2
  • Freezer Star Rating - 4*
  • Interior Light - Yes
  • Reversible Door - Yes
  • Water Dispenser - No
  • Noise Level (db) - 40
  • Energy Consumption (kWh per year) - 337
  • Main Colour - Stainless Steel Look

3 Doors
Haier’s energy-efficient three-door fridge-freezers perfectly blend upmarket design with state-of-the-art technology. Equipped with our revolutionary Fresher Techs that keep your food fresher for longer, these luxurious refrigerators ensure there’s no longer any need to compromise between freshness & convenience. There’s no need to compromise on space, either: coming in both 60cm and 70cm models, you’re able to choose the size which best suits your kitchen’s needs. As well as the Fresher Techs® that constantly ensure the quality of your food, each model also boasts an impressively engineered freezer drawer system that not only allows for a more efficient use of space for your frozen goods, it also ensures quick access to the entire freezer, saving up to an incredible 60% more energy compared to similar bottom mounted fridge-freezers!

Innovative technology for effortless maintenance
Haier's highly innovative Total No Frost technology cleverly prevents the formation of frost in your fridge-freezer. A special ‘Fresher Shield' prevents warm air from entering your freezer during the continuous automatic defrosting process, protecting your frozen foods and preventing unnecessary energy loss. Now you'll never have to defrost your freezer again. Maintaining your fridge-freezer has never been so easy!

Install anywhere thanks to reversible doors
In order to ensure that we're always meeting all of our customers' needs, at Haier we strive to create products that are able to adapt to any space. Reversible doors on our refrigerators mean that they can be installed in any kitchen in the space that suits your needs, giving you absolute freedom when it comes to your kitchen's layout.

Effortless access & enhanced visibility
Another ‘think-outside-the-cold-box' innovation from Haier. Easy Access drawers not only give you quick & easy access to your frozen food, they also give you a vastly improved view of your freezer's contents compared to a regular hinged door. Moreover their ergonomic design prevents cold air escaping when the doors are open, reducing energy wastage by up to 60%.* *tested in real conditions and compared with similar Haier standard bottom mounted refrigerator-freezer.

Outstanding efficiency through precision engineering
A refrigerator with an A+ energy rating uses up to 23.6% less energy than one with an A energy rating. That's thanks to their clever design that uses high quality components to deliver incredible performance even after years of use.

Keeps fruit and vegetables fresher for longer
Haier's practical Humidity Zone keeps your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. By keeping the humidity within the compartment at an optimum 90% while still allowing cool air to circulate, this next level in food preservation technology not only allows you to store your groceries for longer, it also helps to maintain their nutritional content.
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How does Haier compare as a brand compared to Bosch/Samsung? I’ve never heard of them!
Can't rate this fridge highly enough. Had it since May 2018. Excellent design, looks like it cost way more. Only once you touch it you notice it's not metal but laminated plastic. Hasn't put a foot wrong. Only thing worth noting is the freezer doors are thick so freezer storage is less than you'd think.
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second chaz1992's recommendation. Had this for about 6 months now, has been great.
Forget the 2 year warranty. If anything goes wrong, you will get zero response or support from Haier.

I bought a Haier Fridge Freezer from the Coop. It has been fine, but was delivered with missing feet which, try as they might, the Coop couldn't get Haier to supply.

Haier then ignored all direct approaches from me.

Have a look on TrustPilot and ask yourself how a manufacturer even manages to continue to trade with feedback like this.

There is a silver lining though - which always makes me chuckle: The freezer compartment on my Fridge/Freezer has 3 large plastic containers for frozen food. Somebody in their design team was obviously given the job of adorning them with some English text to indicate the purpose of each and seems to have just learnt the English expression "does what it says on the tin" - so they simply stenciled "Large Box" on the front of each..
shelliebish01/06/2020 16:56

How does Haier compare as a brand compared to Bosch/Samsung? I’ve never h …How does Haier compare as a brand compared to Bosch/Samsung? I’ve never heard of them!

Seem to own candy hotpoint and Hoover!
The biggest brand no-ones heard of!
fwiw, getting hold of spare parts to repair Haier will likely be biggest problem if unlucky and appliance requires attention.

Bosch group (inc. Neff & Siemens), Beko and Hotpoint are better for spare parts availability. But often it is not much more expensive and less hassle to buy a new appliance than repair it given it cost less than £400 imho.

(Haier own Hotpoint USA. Whirlpool own Hotpoint Europe)
can anyone recommend any similar ones to this? After one that has the two drawers in the bottom (pref the meat one of the bottom). Have been looking and cant seem to find anything (or if i can, its hotpoint, which i've heard wayy too many bad things about!)
I just purchased one, my freezer has been playing up for the past few months (Samsung, no fridge, Fan keeps icing up).

This looks really nice. There was no option at the checkout to have the old fridge/freezer removed. Do they do this automatically? Is there a fee? Do they deliver inside? Thanks
Mine arrived. Company was great. Delivery company not so great. My wife booked a day off work, she got a text on the day that it was at the wrong hub and will be redelivered. Delivered yesterday to inside the hall, they actually wanted to leave it so my wife couldn't close the door. They were rude and eventually pushed the fridge in so they could close the door. Not great service from the 2 men delivery team at all. Especially as the booking confirmation states to show them the room and they will place it in that room.

I got home yesterday after a 7 mile cycle ride had to move the fridge freezer. It's heavy! Managed to rip the cardboard off the top and then it fit through the door (just). It was just me moving it, my wife wasn't strong enough. Finally managed to unwrap it and installed it.

The good news is the fridge is very nice! Really well designed, stainless steel front (real or effect, it's hard to tell). Lots of space inside and the pull out freezer drawers are neat!
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