Haier American Fridge Freezer only £424 @ Co-op Electrical ebay shop

Haier American Fridge Freezer only £424 @ Co-op Electrical ebay shop

Found 21st Feb 2015
have good reviews.
Might be helpful for someone.
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Have had a Haier fridge/freezer for over an year now and on the whole I'm very happy. The only negative is that one of the perspex freezer baskets cracked. Wrong plastic mix if you ask me;
Chinese brand very popular in china tho
very good quality
can't comment on the model but the brand is reliable. Had fridge in the past, lasted years, left for the new owners when we moved.
Was looking at these but the reviews I saw were not good at all...
...in saying that this model gets decent reviews.
This is a sample of 1 review that I found:
We bought this fridge freezer on the basis of two things - it is one of the less deep american models being only 69cm deep which fitted well in the space we had. We also wanted a model without the massive ice makers which seem to take up so much space in the freezer. In our experience, its a feature we dont make great use of so it was a shame for it to take up so much space which we needed in the freezer.
It arrived packaged and we got it through the first three doors (only just!) then had to unpackage it and remove the doors to get it into the utility room. It was quite straightforward to do this (OK, my husband did it, but he seemed to do it quite fast, so I presume it was straightforward!) and it fitted into the space exactly. We had allowed a bit of space either side so that the doors could open without banging into the adjacent door frame, and I'm glad we did, as the doors do swing out either side a little bit. It looks great and the finish is lovely. Inside, it is quite basic, without lots of the gadgets that the other models have. This suits us fine. If I could change it I probably would have a place for the ice trays to slide into (under a shelf?) as there is no-where for them to go so I'm afraid it will be a case of them sitting on top of something flat and hoping they don't spill.
There is tons of space in the fridge. The freezer space is quite narrow, so if you buy large pizzas, they probably wont fit horizontally as the space is just not wide enough. You would probably have to move a shelf and store them upright. This may be the case for other American fridge freezers.
The panel on the front is touchscreen and easy to use to change the temperature etc.
All in all, a basic American fridge freezer but it looks great and tons of space and very quiet. (Posted on 13/09/2014)
Heat added - I bought my American Fridge Freezer (BEKO) one from Co-operative Electrical - nothing but good things to say about the delivery etc - I also purchased a 5 year extended warranty from them.
One thing I would say when you are measuring whether it will fit thru your Kitchen door - allow a few centimetres for the door handles - I just got mine thru with the help of the delivery guys after they took the fridge out of the box!
Had a Haier washing machine back when Curry's used to sell them in 2011. It went wrong within 18 months and upon calling the D&G service center they refused to touch it based on the Chinese brand being cheap throw away rubbish that they were unlikely to get parts for etc. Haier would need to have come along way since then to make me want to invest this sort of cash in them. Spend a little extra buy Bosch or Samsung. Not Guaranteed to be 100% better as probably made in same conditions, but less likely to be obsolete in 2 years when things may potentially start to fail, mainly due to volumes of scale in the UK. £400+ is a big investment into this company given their current UK market presence.

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i have a Haier washing machine. Just received a notice that it could catch fire!!!! Parts being replaced free by Haier next month.
Our Chinese products are now everywhere in world: Haier, Oneplus, Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi...... They are doing well. All of these become hot products in HUKD
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Wrong price.. E-bay showing as £449 now :-(
There is a discount on the ebay purchase
Get £20 OFF Major Appliances when you spend £300+
Discount will be applied when you add promotional items from co-operativeelectrical to your basket
I have a haier dishwasher, was really cheap and is a better than the Neff I had
I'm looking for one of these at the moment. One problem, did I read that the Freezer won't take a Pizza?
If you buy direct from Coop you get 2 years parts and labour
Hi, do not buy Haier. We bought our Fridge freezer and a few weeks after the warranty run out something went wrong. This was September 2014 - still waiting for it to be fully fixed and my fridge freeze got tons of masking tape around the control panel to keep it in place. Would not buy again.
I was after a Haier fridge freezer (a red one to match my kitchen) but eventually settled on the incredibly handsome Samsung RL55VTEBG: the highly reflective black glass doors are simply stunning & the pictures really do not do it justice. A friend of mine has stated it looks like the 2001 monolith!

It was discontinued in the UK for some reason but is still widely available on the continent. So, unperturbed, I got it imported (& cheaper than anywhere else) from Elektrostore24.de. Might be worth looking there as they sell Haier (or did) & the exchange rate is obviously quite favourable at the moment.
R u sure about that Elektrostore24 link? It takes to to xt:Commerce not Elektrostore. Had a look and searched some keywords e.g. Kuhlshrank for fridge, and can only see the weirdest specialised type of catering industry products.
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