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Haier HD80-A636 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - £379 Delivered @ Mark's Electrical

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Heat pump tumble dryer. Possible quidco 5% and may stack with work offers such as Blue light 10%
Was 579 down to 379.

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TrustPilot - Rated Excellent


636 Series
The convenient practicality of the Haier 636 dryers seamlessly combines robust design with performance excellence. You can set the start time of your drying cycle to begin at a moment that's convenient for you - there's no need even to be at home. You’ll also know exactly when your load finishes with the time remaining shown on the digital display. The Haier 636 dryer also saves on energy by conserving heat inside the drum, lowering energy consumption by up to 50%. This enables you to use more than one appliance simultaneously, saving precious time!

Outstanding efficiency through precision engineering
A tumble dryer with an A++ energy rating uses up to 40% less energy than one with an A energy rating. Haier is dedicated to creating state-of-the-art products that operate efficiently while never compromising on performance.

A dryer that treats your laundry with warmth
Heat pump technology cleverly conserves heat inside your dryer's drum, not only lowering energy consumption by up to 50%, but also ensuring your laundry is taken much better care of compared to a regular tumble dryer. The lower energy consumption also means that you're able to use more than one of your appliances simultaneously, saving you even more time!

Make your laundry fit your schedule, not the other way around
A clever function from Haier that allows you to programme your dryer to start a cycle at a time that suits you. This innovation is another way to make sure that your laundry fits around your schedule, not the other way around.

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Mark's Electrical More details at Mark's Electrical
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    Be aware that heat pump tumble driers won’t work in a cold room such as a garage or unheated conservatory at this time of year. They typically need at least 10 degrees, and preferably higher if you want them to dry quickly / efficiently. 
    Ours has worked all through the last 7 winters in an unheated attached garage went under 10c plenty of times.
    This year measuring the ambient temperature and energy performed first batch were at 9c-12c.
    will be checking at lower temps if we get them, was away during the snap when the temp went down 0c-5c for 5c for 10 days.,
  2. Avatar
    Keep thinking this is an Xbox
    Beat me to it, I was gonna say something about how I wanted to keep it thematically in line with my Series S!
  3. Avatar
    Holding out for A+++ and 5 year guarantee for 500ish 🙏
    Check the saving between A++ and A+++ , at the time I got the Bosch. I would never have made back the saving even after 5 years. And if you use a normal tumble dryer now, you'll probably be spending more money whilst waiting
  4. Avatar
    Torn between this and an Xbox Series S lol
    Xbox is half the price, uses more power but it is more fun.
  5. Avatar
    Torn between this and the 9kg Beko at £399 in Curry’s :/
    Personally wouldn’t trust Beko (or hotpoint) with their fire record
  6. Avatar
    Marks Electrical are a terrible company wouldn’t use them if you paid me
    I still remember them being featured on Rogue Traders section of Watchdog when they caught their plumber peeing in an old ladies water tank 🤢 (edited)
  7. Avatar
    "Does it look level yet Gary?"

    "No love, the front left foot needs to be turned to be a bit Haier™."

    I'll see myself out. (edited)
  8. Avatar
    Can't comment as to Marks Electrical, but I have this tumbler, bought from Costco about a year and it is excellent. Uses less than half the electricity of the old hotpoint condensing tumber it replaced, minimal creasing of the clothes and pretty quiet in use.
    Can this be plumbed to empty condensate? Thanks.
  9. Avatar
    Really good price for a heat pump model. Only 3 left in stock so these will go quickly 🔥
    Not really.. still 3 in stock 20 hours later
  10. Avatar
    On the hunt for a 10kg dryer, got excited for a few seconds thinking it was 10kg bargain
  11. Avatar
    just purchased. thanks!
  12. Avatar
    This will definitely stack with 10% codes. You can pick one up from work offers or websites such as discountforteachers
  13. Avatar
    Anyone able to generate a BLC code for Marks Electrical? Mine doesn't seem to generate. Thought it was my ad blocker causing it, but still no joy after disabling it. Anyone know if it is unique or generic?
    I can’t even see them on the list in BLC?
  14. Avatar
    Heat pumps use more electricity below 10 degrees, that’s why everyone who’s moved their heating to ASHP is foolish
    Errr, that’s not quite right. You’ve misunderstood something somewhere.
  15. Avatar
    I've used Marks Electricals several times. Never had an issue. Bought a few Bosch ovens, a lg washer and I think 2 fridges. Usually good price and also often has discount.
  16. Avatar
    I've had terrible experiences with this low end brand. Cold as the USA these days from me!
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