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Haier I-Pro 7 Series 9kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer, A++ Rated (White) - £434.99 delivered (Membership Required) @ Costco

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With a 9kg drum capacity, there’s plenty of space for medium-sized households to fit their dirty laundry. It also uses heat pump technology, which means the hot air is recycled over and over until the load is dry. So, your energy bills be lower, And if that wasn’t enough, clever sensors monitor the moisture levels and work out the perfect drying time – saving you the faff of having to estimate it yourself. Your ironing pile won’t be as hefty either, as the i-refresh function adds steam to fabrics to loosen any annoying wrinkles.

Direct Motion Motor
Haier's Direct Motion Motors have been designed and built to last. Operating without a belt, the motor is directly attached to the drum, vastly reducing noise and vibration, increasing durability while also reducing energy and water consumption. It's thanks to this high quality engineering that Haier offers a lifetime guarantee on all Direct Motion Motors.

Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT)
An exclusive Haier material that protects the most sensitive areas of your washing machine. Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT) protects against mould and bacteria forming in vulnerable areas such as in the detergent drawer and porthole gasket for a more hygienic laundry cycle.

Heat Pump
Heat pump technology cleverly conserves heat inside your dryer's drum, not only lowering energy consumption by up to 50%, but also ensuring your laundry is taken much better care of compared to a regular tumble dryer. The lower energy consumption also means that you're able to use more than one of your appliances simultaneously, saving you even more time!

The i-refresh function refreshes the most delicate fabrics, thanks to the water stored in the drawer which creates warm and humid air, and precisely adjusts the temperature inside your drum. This function gives you the best drying performance while taking care of your clothes.


Child Lock
Wrinkle Free
Dry Level


Eco Cotton
Quick Dry
Warm Up
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    Not sure if this version can be plumbed? I don't want to remove tank need it to automatically drain. Also I want a dryer with 5 year warranty.
    These Haier dryers have a 5 year warranty, Costco only give 2, so you get onto Haier directly after 2 years. I have the 8kg version of this and that can be plumbed to drain the condensed water.

    Someone mentioned cleaning fluff out of the condenser. There's a fluff filter in the drum and another beyond in a hatch that's for more occasional clear out.

    Ours is a hell of an upgrade from the old hotpoint condensing (non-heat pump) tumbler we used to have, uses about half the electricity.
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    Mine ends up predicting 2.5- 3 hours to dry a load, but reality (endpoint set by humidity in drum) is always way less, typically 1.5 hours. Uses far less electricity than the old one.
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    Do these still take all day to dry your clothes and end up costing more as a result?
    Cost per hour to run is about 1/6th the cost of a traditional vented dryer. On average takes about 1.5-2x as long so work out around 1/3 of the cost per drying cycle
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    Are these quiet or noiser than a condensing dryer?
    marginally quieter.
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    I wonder what Uncle Roger thinks of this deal? (edited)
    Uncle Roger.
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    Does anyone know the difference between this one and the other Haier one on Costco's website for £499 less £35? I don't know which one to do for! Haier Series 3 HD90-A2939 9kg Heat Pump Dryer, A++ Rated in White
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    Is there a big difference between this and the 8kg being sold by marks electrical for 379?
    Would you notice a big difference between 8 and 9kg drum size?
    The difference would approximately be the equivalent of a possible chance but not, a wet coat
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    Can you clean the fluff out of its condenser?
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    I bought this in the Black Friday sale - for a little cheaper but it's so far been very good.
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    I've been wracking my head trying to figure out whether it would be best to get a vented or heat pump dryer.

    Heat pump's main marketing point is that it significantly cuts down energy costs, whereas it seems like drying cycles take much longer than the vented we had for 15 years (used to dry clothes within an hour). But obviously a lot of energy wasted.

    Want to know:

    - How long does a cycle typically take on a heat pump dryer?
    - Does the time taken balance out with the energy saving? I.e. if it takes one hour on a vented dryer and 3 hours on a heat pump, does it work out the same in terms of energy consumption?
    - Is there anything else to consider?
    Just purchased a version of this. Cycle can take 3+hrs depending on what you have, but the machine adjusts based on the humidity inside so can be quicker. And yes, its far far cheaper. Compared to our old vented, it'll save around £7000 over a 10-15 year period
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    Would this work in a large cupboard under stairs? About twice the width & twice the height, then goes narrow at the back.
    Would it need to run with door open? Thanks
    I don't think the tumble dryer would work well with the door open
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    Sold out
  13. Avatar
    Yes sold out
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