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Haier I-Pro 7 Series WiFi Connected, 10kg, 1400rpm Washing Machine, A Rated in White for £449.98 Members Only @ Costco

£449.98£49810% off
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About this deal

- 10kg Capacity
- Anti-Bacterial Treatment and WiFi
- Freestanding
- H 85.0 x W 59.5.0 x D 53.0 cm

Product Details
The Haier HW100-B14979U1, 10kg, 1400rpm Washing Machine A Rated in White is part of Haier's I-Pro 7 Series. The Haier I-Pro 7 Series contains all of Haier's most advanced technologies ensuring efficient washing results every time while remaining easy to use and consistently reliable.

Connected to your needs

Connected, customisable and tailored to you, the hOn App allows you to personalise your washing machine so it fits around you. Constantly updated, it provides you the best-in-class features and tailored results. It allows you to easily choose and customize from more than 60 specialized cycles for each type of fabric, to access convenient tips on stain treatment and ad hoc tips on the type and quantity of detergent. You can also choose the perfect moment to start your laundry according to the weather conditions. With hOn, you can constantly monitor efficiency and consumption and receive suggestions on how to optimise them. You can also access self-maintenance planning, to maintain the reliability and performance of your washing machine over time. All this with the possibility of managing and controlling the washing status at any time, even outside the home and receiving notifications when the cycle is complete. Discover all the advantages that will prove that the hOn App is your will allow you to obtain professional laundry results at home.

Ultra Quiet
This machine's Direct Motion Motor keeps the noise at a very low noise level, making an ideal choice for home's with open-plan living.

Steam Diffusion
Use the steam setting to remove stubborn stains. Steam also acts as a natural softener and anti-allergen, making it ideal for even the most sensitive of skin types.

A deidcated programme lasting 20 minutes at 65 degrees. Refresh removes odors and sterilizes your clothes utilising hot water vapour that evapourates inside the drum, creating softer, fresh smelling clothes. Refresh is great for people with sensitive skin, as it sterilises your clothes an protects your skin against bacterias and allergens.

Smart Dual Spray

Haier's incredibly useful Smart Dual Spray is an automatic cleaning system for your washing machine that is activated at the end of each wash cycle. During the washing cycle, two jets of spray will be released to remove any fluff or fibers from the door. Not only does this ensure a more hygienic wash for your laundry, it also improves the durability of your machine in the long term.

525mm Drum Diameter
525 mm diameter allows more combat power during washing, therefore increase the washing efficiency. Large drum also relaxes the fabric and reduced the wrinkles after wash.

Anti-Bacterial Treatment ®
Anti-Bacterial Treatment ® is a surface acting material based on Zinc Ions additive. Low percentage of Zinc can kill bacteria effectively. It is proved to prevent 99,8% bacteria.

Direct Motion Motor
Super quiet, durable and energy efficient Direct Motion Motor

Less time washing means more time doing things you love!
Haier's 10kg machines allow you to wash more laundry at the same time, saving you time so you can do more of the things you love. By offering you greater drum space, you can reduce the amount of laundry cycles you need to do per year by up to 44 washes compared to a standard 8kg washing machine - also helping to save energy and water!


  • Pillow Drum for delicate fabrics
  • Drum Light
  • Anti-Bacterial Treatment
  • Automatic Weight Detection
  • Wi-Fi connected
14 Programmes:

  • Cotton
  • Cotton 20
  • Mix
  • Synthetic
  • Refresh
  • Eco 40-60
  • Outdoor
  • Delicate
  • Duvet
  • Express Wash (15 min)
  • Baby care
  • Wool
  • Fast
  • Spin
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  1. Avatar
    Seems that this is selling at the same price as the Series 5. Considering that this is the newer model, it seems to be a bit of a bargain. I couldn't find the same spec and drum-size model anywhere else for cheaper than this.
    £50 dearer at AO but 5yr warranty, I think standard on this from manufacturer

    2yr on the advert is Costco's warranty service I think

    I registered mine on their website and got 5yr parts and labour then 10yr parts (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Haier brand has alot of issues and returns
    Problem with Trustpilot is if the company themselves are not trying yo get everybody to review on there only the people with problems will review on that site meaning there is a bias towards negative review for most companies, i have had many Samsung products which i all love never had a problem with them but also never put a review on trsutpilot about them as the company didn't ask for one.

    Also retailers will get commission for selling certain products from brands meaning they will recommend those products over other products.
  3. Avatar
    Any coupon codes for costco? I will need to sign up as well. BLC only works in store, but that is too far away to go.
    Fairly niche uses to be honest, we have one in my parents place- if I put a wash dry cycle on I can see when it’s due to be over. We can also download new cycles. I think if you’re claiming for a warrantee repair they can run a remote diagnostic. We didn’t know it had it when we bought but for our use it’s been surprisingly handy.
  4. Avatar
    I think you work for them as that's all you post
    How did you work that one out Sherlock? If you look at his posted deals this is the first time he has posted a deal for a haier machine
  5. Avatar
    Out of curiosity, why do you need wifi for a washing machine? What are the benefits?
    Just because same model without wifi cost £499 at marks electrical. £50 can come iff as BLC, £20 can come off if clear pay is used at checkout, bringing the price down to £429.
  6. Avatar
    Only 2 year warranty. Can get other washing machines with 5 year warranty for peace of mind
    Well what like-for-like washing machines are you recommending?
  7. Avatar
    Only complaint with mine is as it's beside the sink and I brush against the touch controls I can pause it change something

    I love the door unlocking straight away, no wait (edited)
    Is yours the same haier model as this one or different? It's got child lock and control locking, so you should be able to lock to avoid accidentally pressing buttons.
  8. Avatar
    Bought this just before summer got lot's functions and I only use 3 of them apparently has wifi connectivity but don't still know how to connect
    I guess the features are there if you need them. Think of them as bonus
  9. Avatar
    I'm also wondering what are the differences between all the codes they use? For example B14979 vs B14979S vs B14979U1 vs B14979TU1. There must be some sort of difference, right? (edited)
    S is silver. U is with wifi. I have never seen the TU1 before.
  10. Avatar
    Gutted we paid £600 for this machine but it’s great very efficient and quiet
    When did you purchase it?... It might be that you may have paid for a higher model?
  11. Avatar
    I have the 12kg washer drier version of this. It's a great washer and I like the design, however the program control knob is now playing up as when turning it to select a program it ends up skipping / 'ghosting' / going in different directions. It's only 12 months old which is disappointing
  12. Avatar
    @grahame1 - I didn't realise that you were directing this comment at me. I certainly don't work for them, because if I did, I wouldn't be posting questions on how much warranty they provide.

    @jordanc93 - Sadly mate we get a lot of these Sherlocks on HotUKDeals
    Call me Holmes ...James Holmes
  13. Avatar
    Haier is a terrible brand. I would never trust them with my money. Go with an LG inverter instead.