Haig Club Clubman Single Grain Scotch Whisky - £15 @ Tesco

Haig Club Clubman Single Grain Scotch Whisky - £15 @ Tesco

Found 30th Dec 2017
Haig Club Clubman is a modern and stylish Single Grain Scotch Whisky developed in partnership between Diageo and global icon David Beckham and British entrepreneur Simon Fuller. Distilled at Cameronbridge Distillery, founded in 1824 by John Haig, Haig Club Clubman is matured exclusively in Fresh Bourbon Casks which give a layer of wonderful sweet, vanilla and coconut flavour to the Scotch. This combines perfectly when mixed with the sweet caramel of cola, creating an enjoyable drink which is refreshing in taste and perfect in its simplicity. In addition to being lighter and more subtle in flavour, Clubman also mixes very well indeed, sitting in perfect harmony with other cocktail ingredients. Try Haig Club Clubman and cola for a delicious, long mixed drink

Haig Club is built on nearly 400 years of distilling heritage and the House of Haig can trace its whisky producing roots back to the seventeenth century. In 1824 John Haig established the Cameronbridge distillery and it was there that he pioneered the art of producing grain whisky in continuous Coffey and Stein stills
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A whisky for people that don't like whisky!!
A whisky for people that don't like whisky!!
I thought the bad reviews i read for this where just sour grapes until i tried this over Xmas and this stuff is nasty. The cheapy supermarket brands taste better than this drivel, a genuine case of style over substance.
David Beckham, scotch whisky? A bit like the Ayatola advertising bikinis.
Agree with above. Got a bottle a while back when on offer. Had 1 drink and the rest will be used to power the mower. Horrible stuff.
The standard Haig Club is drinkable, but I still wouldn't advise buying it. The Clubman is worse and maybe ok for some as a mixer, which is how its advertised.
Doubt David Beckham would touch this with a barge pole.
Another day, another Haig Clubman 'offer.'
They must have warehouses full of this moonshine. Cold as evr when it comes to Beckhams fake dram.
Usually sold at this price, afaik
Nice bottles, shame what's in it
My family are whiskey drinkers and have were always put off at the stupid price of £45 when it first came out ...anyway time passes and I get a discounted small bottle set and even though my family drink bells to vintage 18 year olds + at silly prices over £100 a bottle. Not one could drink this. They where all really let down but I think the bottle and owner say it all ..... style over substance and there is a reason its fallen so dramatically in price because ...in my stepdads words "its horse shite" lol
It's not like you cannot buy a half decent whisky at this price point either. Bushmills for £16 @ Sainsbury's or Tullamore D.E.W for £16 @ Tesco are vastly superior for only a £1 more , and don 't forgot that Aldi and Lidl do some rather nice whiskies at this point too.

Not to mention there are tons of bourbon and American whiskies on super discount at the moment.

They must have a Loch of this horse Wee to sell as they keep pushing it hard in supermarkets and Amazon. Probably cause people who try it once don't bother a 2nd time.
Who drinks this rubbish very poor window cleaner at best the bottle tells its own story probably cost more than the cleaning agent in it
Gone slightly hot for some reason... Usually stone cold.
Even the advertising is saying it's only palatable with coke. No thanks.
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