Half Life 2 Orange Box for Xbox 360 £24.99 @ Softuk

Half Life 2 Orange Box for Xbox 360 £24.99 @ Softuk

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Not a bad price but has been cheaper recently and likely to go lower again.

Please can you let me know where to get this cheaper? I really want to get it

was cheaper on shopto for a short while and as a one off on thehut (mis-price) so dont think you find it new for cheaper.

Very good price for this game, personally dont think its going to get much cheaper other than as a *rare* special offer. Every forum etc.. has demand for this and COD4.

Nice post voting hot

Not a touch on COD4... bit of a dissapointment really

I remember the deal that led me first to Hotukdeals when The Orange Box was about £18 from YesAsia and that included CS: 1.6

Just realised this is the xbox edition, I was talking about the PC. Oops.

Valid until when?

Link doesnt go directly to Orange Box and when I do a search it comes up as £29.99?

Half Life 2 Orange Box on this site seems to be at £29.99??

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Yeah price has gone back up- I'll expire this now
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