Half-Life 2 [Orange Box] PC £17.93 delivered

Half-Life 2 [Orange Box] PC £17.93 delivered

Found 21st Oct 2008Made hot 21st Oct 2008
Very good game, occasionally can get if for under £20 so grab it while you can. Possible 2.5% quidco

The newest installment in the best-selling and highest-rated action game series of all time. Battle creatures sprawling above and below ground in the White Forest. Then, take a thrilling ride with Alyx in a new modified vehicle as you enjoy the most breathtaking and revealing Half-Life game ever made.

Open your mind to a new way of gaming. Portal blends puzzles, first person action, and adventure gaming to produce an experience unlike any other. With the Portal device, manipulate your surroundings to complete dozens of unique challenges. Are you ready to start thinking with Portals?

Team Fortress 2:
The sequel to the granddaddy of class-based multiplayer gaming. Join and battle teams with wildly-varying player classes - from the flame-throwing Pyro to the room-clearing heavy weapons guy. Featuring a distinctive visual style, Team Fortress 2 features all-new multiplayer game modes.


Mor expensive than I paid nearly a year ago, BUT it's a GREAT game pack.

Not only do you get the games listed on the pack (5 in total) but also the updates to TF2 (new stuff, new maps and 2 new game types) + 5 free mods from steam (essentially 5 new games, some good, some bad...)

Without a doubt the best game I've ever purchased...

So hard to find under £20 (for PC) these days. Great find! H&R+.

the heavy is a spy!

Sendit £17.89,The HUT £17.93,Currys £17.93,LoveFilm £17.93,Dixons £17.93,HMV £17.99.

reminds me i must get rid of my pc version as i have it on xbox now

How do, was in my local tesco's (Beverley) yesterday and noticed the orange box for pc going for £15!!!!!! hope this helps!

PS first post...should I have put this as a deal????


I paid £17.99 in January for this game. Its a brilliant deal and I cannot recommend it highly enough....


This deal is hotter than a jalopeno! BUY BUY BUY. Worth it for TF2 alone!


Sendit £17.89,The HUT £17.93,Currys £17.93,LoveFilm £17.93,Dixons £17 … Sendit £17.89,The HUT £17.93,Currys £17.93,LoveFilm £17.93,Dixons £17.93,HMV £17.99.

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned that you could use the 'halloween' code at LoveFilm and get this for a more bargainous £16.14 :thumbsup: - Don't like the 2-4 week despatch estimate across these outlets though.

Good price

It was £4.99 in Toys R Us when I stumbled across it a few months ago... I didn't realise it was such a good deal or I would have grabbed the other copies... It may be worth popping into/phoning Toys R Us (I went to the one on Old Kent Rd in London) to check if they have them in.

This was a triumph. I'm making a note here - huge success.


This was a triumph. I'm making a note here - huge success.

Without giving too much away, best ending to a game ever - FACT.


Without giving too much away, best ending to a game ever - FACT.


As you can tell from my Avatar, I'm quite the Portal fan
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