Half Life 2 Orange Box (PC) for a Fiver @ Sainsburys
Half Life 2 Orange Box (PC) for a Fiver @ Sainsburys

Half Life 2 Orange Box (PC) for a Fiver @ Sainsburys

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The Orange Box was always one of the best PC gaming deals on offer. You got all three parts of Half Life 2, the amazingly funny Portal & Team Fortress 2 all in one boxed set. I've just come back from Sainsburys in Camberley and you can pick this up for five measly pounds. This must be a record low! Amazon still have this on sale for £11.08. Game have it on at £14.99.

If you don't already have this in your collection, rush out and get it. You won't be disappointed.


cracking deal, good to go.. have some heat.

Wish this was online aswell xD

Worth it for Portal alone. Hot!

Great deal. All gamers should give portal a try, and if you like team-based online shooters TF2 is very good. Not to mention its still recieving attention from valve with recent patches and new stuff.

I bought this as a present recently for 10 quid and felt like a crook!

I'd say worth it for each individual part alone. Even now they're a few years old I'd still say that each of the HL2 episodes were worth a fiver. HL2 is easily worth a fiver. Portal and TF2 are still easily two of the best games ever made. If you haven't played any of these then simply put this is one of the best gaming deals you're ever likely to see.

If you own a computer and you don't have this set of games - buy it now.

If anyone whinges about this they need their head read. Fantastic assortment of games for a fiver!

Can anyone confirm any North West stores?

The Halflife series is easily amongst the best first person shooters around for the PC, well worth 5 quid!

smart ass alert sorry... steam were selling it at 3.50 a year or so ago so its not the record

I've just completed these games on my pc and I must agree that HL2 and Portal are among the best games...ever! Gaurdian readers even voted HL2 the best game of the last decade! For those who don't know, you can hack the Portal Gun into the HL games. I'm gonna do it tomorrow and play HL2 all over again. Below is the link you need to go to in order to do this. :thumbsup:

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This was a triumph!
I'm making a note here:

One of the best gaming combos ever! half life 2 episodes and portal will keep anyone amused for hours. and then TF2 online is fantastic!

damn i did not know it had Team Fortress 2, ill have a look on my next shop.

Had these already .. ll worth it

I knew it! I bought this off steam for £16 not long ago

I'm still only on HL:2 and it's worth every penny I spent, for a fiver it's hard to say no.

Fantastic price if nationwide

i have the ornage box for 360, and regret not getting it on pc. i hope they have it around bolton sainsburies. but will only get there on monday

Does anyone have an SKU or item number so I can call my branch before I make the trip (its about 30 mins away).

PS - Its southampton lordshill if anyone knows if the deal is available there or not.



Might buy another one it's such a good deal!!!!

You can sell for £7 another profit maker cex.co.uk/pro…937

there is free cake with each game bought also at my store!!

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No! The Cake is a lie...

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And you're an orphan. And you're going the wrong way!


there is free cake with each game bought also at my store!!



Thanks. I was working late last night and came across your post. Weirdly enough, I had to pass this Sainsburys in Camberley on my way home so popped in, and grabbed a copy!. Although it was in the clearance section away from the main chart etc.

There was one left on the shelf after I had bought mine. I havent bought a PC game for ages, but after all these comments of how good it was I couldnt resist.

Ps. I think i need a new computer now to run it... grrr!

Can anyone confirm any stores other than Camberley? Any in the North West, Lancashire region at all. Had the Grandparent check the wigan store but to no avail. Il check myself though to be on the sure side.

None in the Cromwell Road Sainsburys in London. They don't do PC games normally anyway, so maybe not all that surprising.

TF2 = best game ever

Wigan and Bolton do not have them in stock, it seems store specific,

isnt this like 10 years old?



there is free cake with each game bought also at my store!!

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