Half-Life 2: The Orange Box (XBOX 360) £11.98 at Coolshop

Half-Life 2: The Orange Box (XBOX 360) £11.98 at Coolshop

Found 19th Jun 2009Made hot 27th Jul 2009
Half-Life 2: The Orange Box is now only £11.98 at Coolshop on the xbox 360. Been looking for this fatastic game for a while now and is the cheapest i could find. Delivery is free.


Nice find.

Get it ]here for only £45.84 delivered !


Nice find.Get it ]here for only £45.84 delivered !


Been this kind of price for a number of months now at other online retailers

£1 more at] DVD.co.uk

Completed Portal which was great. Working my way thro HL2 at the moment. Great Price for 5 games

great price

shame Valve doesn't support the Xbox version as much as the PC one

(although there have been rumors about it recently)

Offensively good value. Portal is worth the price on its own, as is HL2, ep1 or ep2.

Mmmm. cake...

Great price, are they a shop to trust?

Have never used the site before, but it was created in 2005

Great price for a great box-set. Portal's the best of the bunch, imo.

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Yeah you can trust these guys. Never had a problem with them myself!

I gave it some heat, meant to be a brill game with loads of 9/10 reviews.

Though i've only actually played the demo, which was the worst demo in my whole life.

Simply essential at this price. Despite the fact that it's been out for years and I rarely pin myself down like this, I still think that Half Life 2 is the best single player FPS ever made. The expansions are fantastic as well, whereas Team Fortress 2 is probably the best class based multiplayer FPS ever made, and Portal is short but very enjoyable and incredibly original. £12 for five games of such undeniable quality is verging on criminal.

Hi all I am new here.

I was going to order this but the payment area would not display the HTTPS or padlock, has anyone else had this problem?

To try and allay any fears i checked companieshouse.gov.uk and it has the company as Dissolved!!!!

Has anybody received their order, as all the comments appear to be for July only, and i could not find any archive?


The site is owned/operated by a Danish business, so I'd be surprised to see them registered at Co's House...
Are you sure it was the same company you were looking at? (I can't use the webCHeck facility at the moment as we're out of office hours)


i thoght they would have been as their address on the site is:

Beddington Lane Ind Est
119 Beddington Lane

I am more concerned that when going to the payment process there was no security on the web payment address.
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