Half price +20% off sale prices plus free tv*

Half price +20% off sale prices plus free tv*

Found 30th Mar 2007
*free tv when you spend £3000 onkitchen and cabinets accessories


sorry, i voted cold.

reasons are mfi for me were shocking when i had my kitchen done, 2 times they flooded the kitchen, 5 work tops damaged, split cupboard doors, not turning up when they were meant to and 3 years on, my kitchen still isnt complete.

Cold also, reason being when did you last see MFI 'NOT' having a sale.

Voted cold, this is the same sale they had in january and febuary when I bought mine which is being delivered in a couple of weeks only there isnt the same free aplliances available, I got free bosch oven, hob and hood plus bosch dishwasher after £2000 spend on cabinets.(to buy these appliances alone seperately is £1800 so deal at the moment isnt great). ask for appliances too.

Dont let mfi fit anything use seperate reputable joiner, plumber and electrician they'll do a better job and cheaper too.

this company is really bad - avoid at all costs!

If a company can permanently afford to sell at half price or less and still give a "FREE" TV and still make a profit Just think how much the people who pay full price for goods are getting ripped off for.

Legislation should be brought in to stop all these FAKE sales and SPECIAL offers that companies have.

It was supposed to happen years ago but this is of course RIPPOFF BRITAIN.

We vote politicians in to do what we want. When they get into power they do what they want. What do we do ?

STILL KEEP PUTTING THEM INTO POWER and moan that they never do what the public want.

A honest decent government would stop all this RIPPOFF BRITAIN but they all probably own the companies that RIP us off.

MFI have permanent sales, their "full" prices are made-up rubbish they charge in a tiny handful of their stores on a small portion of their stock for a few weeks a year to stay (just) within the letter of the law. Sorry cold from me, you could post an MFI "sale" anytime of the year, any day.

Nick - how did you manage to get the free appliances.
We are about to place an order with MFI at the sale + 20% off prices, this only includes a free dishwasher. We have tried to get other free stuff thrown in, but this is all the sales guy is offering us. The current sale ends on Wed night so we want to place an order before then.
With easter weekend coming up does anyone have any ideas if their next sale is going to be better or about the same as the current one ?
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