Half price Aerobed plus 25% off voucher

Half price Aerobed plus 25% off voucher

Found 6th May 2009
First post (though third attempt!)
Just bought a double Aerobed Explorer which is half price on the Aerobed website at £69.99 plus postage. They are fantastic beds in my opinion - much much better than your £20 'tesco' versions. Also found a code to get an extra 25% off ANY aerobed in the range, including the Explorer Double! Use UKCAMP09 as the promo code.
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Odd. How can a deal like this be voted cold? Should be nearly £140 but it is just over £50. Weird. Oh well.
Isn't this ]Gelhert both thicker and with built in pillows a better buy?
I've tried many air beds over the years and they all suffer from the same problems - they are unstable. Thickness doesn't really mean anything. I have one at home that is the height of a normal bed and inflates in about 4 minutes, but it is like sleeping on a boat in rough seas! In fact, the thicker they are the worse they seem to be. Also, you don't really want such a high bed in a tent, which is what this one (the explorer) is designed for.

The Aerobeds are also designed in a different way to help keep them stable. The material is stronger and they are designed to hold more weight.
OK, but what about rool together? One on Amazon has two air chambers to prevent roll-together. Also, the lack of built in pillow is annoying cos it means more stuff to pack
You don't roll together on these - they are designed to prevent that by using Quadra coils (!). Don't know how it works, but it does. Pillows on airbeds are horrible - they are too hard and cold and can't be moved around as required. These also don't stink of PVC like most other airbeds.

Anyway, thats enough of my thoughts. If people don't want it, fair enough. There are many reviews around the internet that will help people decide if they are willing to try an Aerobed. That's what I did. As with most things, until you try something, you'll never know.
Thanks for the advice.
aerobeds are by far the best inflatable beds i have used, super comfy, quick to inflate and super quick to deflate.

there is sometimes 40% off vouchers? im sure i got the double platinum for £75 a year ago?

post and packaging is £4.99 extra which needs adding to the title
Horses for courses. We replaced our expensive sofa bed with a Raised Platinum King Aerobed and our guests have much preferred it. It's also extremely convenient and leaves a lot more space in the room when it's not in use than the Sofa did.
Thanks OP, I was looking for them. Bought one and voted hot.
I have one of these and can vouch for how good they are. The 'pocket' effect is good and as comfortable as a conventional mattress. I actually prefer it.
these are worlds apart from the camping type inflatables.
A down side is that the edges are as you would expect - soft - and hence easy to roll off if you are not in the middle or at least a good few inches off the edge.
Having the quick inflate /deflate is a major plus. The inflate mechanism does not leak and it keeps pressure for weeks at a time.
Too expensive at retail but with this offer ....HOT:thumbsup:
Wow - I'm almost in the 'positive'!!!!
Haha, just pushed you over the edge
Hi, I tried your voucher for the aerobed and had no luck, do you know if it is still valid, or if you have any other voucher codes? Many Thanks Lee :roll:

Hi, I tried your voucher for the aerobed and had no luck, do you know if … Hi, I tried your voucher for the aerobed and had no luck, do you know if it is still valid, or if you have any other voucher codes? Many Thanks Lee :roll:

the post is 5 months old, so no wonder it doesnt work
no s#it,
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