Half Price Archos 1 Vision 4 GB MP3 Player - £14  @ ASDA

Half Price Archos 1 Vision 4 GB MP3 Player - £14 @ ASDA

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Available In-store. Over 10 in stock in Northampton.

Smaller than a credit card and lighter than a pack of gum with a playback time of over 20 hours

The ARCHOS 1 vision features a straightforward interface, without any useless details. Photo, video and music are reachable in just a few clicks. Speaking of which, the “ARCHOS 1 vision” features a music library displaying your files by artist, album and song title allowing even more ease of use. Just drag and drop files from your PC to the ARCHOS 1 vision using the standard USB 2.0 connection.

The ARCHOS 1 vision will meet most all your music needs: a small, very reasonably priced device, featuring a 4GB* disk capacity to store more than 2,000 songs1. This means days of non-stop music. And with the support of the MP3 and WMA files, you’re covered as these are the two most popular file formats. And for those with an affinity for the more exotic formats, it supports FLAC, WAV and APE files as well.

You can also clearly show your pictures on the 1.5’’ color TFT screen. It’s a great way to keep a handy photo album with you.

Audio Recorder
The ARCHOS 1 vision is equipped with a built-in microphone to let you record anything you want, instantly. From a phone number you can’t write down, to a class lecture, or even what’s playing on the radio, you can record it all.

- Store and listen to more than 2,000 songs
- Play MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE and WAV music files
- Store thousands of photos
- View JPEG and BMP photos
- High storage capacity (up to 4GB*) for such a tiny player
- Audio recorder to record memos

In the box:
- Archos 1 vision Player
- USB Cable (for charging and file transfer)
- Earphones
- Video conversion software
- User guide

- Internal Storage: Available in 4 GB* - Store up to 2,000 songs
- Compatibility: Windows or Mac and Linux (with mass storage support)
- Computer Interface: USB 2.0
- Screen: 1.5” color TFT screen - 128x128 pixels
- Battery: Up to 21 hours of music
- Music Playback: MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, APE
- Photo Playback: JPEG, BMP
- Recorder: Records voice from the microphone
- Other: Adjustable sound equalizer, multi-language Interface
- Extras: Displays text files (.TXT) & lyrics files (.LRC)
- Physical: Dimensions: 75.5mm x 39mm x 9mm, 2.95“ x 1.53“ x 0.35“
- Weight: 28 grams, 1 oz


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Here's a picture for the doubters!

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Red hot,have had this player for over a year now. Only problem is can you get stock.Thanks for posting.

red hot! great little player-usually those stickers mean its a store specific markdown,but not always-will be interested to know if anyone gets any elsewhere.

Daughter has one of these and it is now starting to play up as most of the time now it will not turn on, you have to hold the on button in for ages and it might come on in the end, but most of the time now it will not. I only paid £18 for it when it was on mymemory.

excellent find OP

We bought this player early this year for just under 20 quid at Mymemory.co.uk. The first one died after 3 months. Mymemory sent us a new one that lasted 6 months. We just sent it back and they have sent out another new one to us. It's a great player whilst it works, but it's not very reliable.

Mymemory has been great to do business with through all this -- I don't use Asda enough to know if they will be too, but if you don't think they'll replace it after several months, the money might be better put towards a different mp3 player.

Full price in both our local Asdas

None in my local asda

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Just popped into Asda again (mmm, curry night) and there are loads left. Looks like Northampton specific though judging from others' comments

really hoping they have them in mine my OH wants MP3 player for his christmas as he is sick of ipods lol

Full price in local Asda (southbank middlesbrough) 24 or 27 quid cant remember which.

Really poor player - shuffle doesn't work properly, very poor sound quality, button placement is awkward, rubbish build quality, short battery life and Archos don't respond to issues; check the other threads listed above! Archos make some good gear, but this isn't it. OK if you treat it as a kids toy, but if you want it to last a year, buy 12 of them!
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can this get plugged into a docking station? any advice would be appreciated
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