Half price Bamboo £25 at Homebase

Half price Bamboo £25 at Homebase

Found 22nd Mar 2016
Was £50.00 for 1.6m pot of bamboo, which seems like a good deal and personally a favourite of mine. Good for privacy if you have a raised garden.
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that's a shame. They also have golden bamboo at the same price - not sure if it's a poor man's version of the black bamboo? Still - a decent price.
It's always that price just has a was now ticket on. It is a good price but not a special deal
Noticed in Foss Islands Road, York branch today they had 3 or 4 black bamboo plants marked down from £70 to £35, they were about 6 feet tall so if anyone wants a mature plant.
I need a privacy screen as nosy neighbours garden is really high. I'll need to plant in pots on my patio near the wall. Is black bamboo the best?
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