Half Price Bathroom Suites @ Tesco direct - save up to £978

Half Price Bathroom Suites @ Tesco direct - save up to £978

Found 7th Jan 2009
Pricerange from £379 to £978 (depending on your needs and wallet)

I can't get the direct link to work, sorry, from here. So I've posted it below and it works from there.
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Anyone brought tesco bathrooms before?
Do they do the installation?
Are u sure they are on sale lol
looking 4 a bathroom at the mo, not cheap at all!!
Just searched for this bathroom

]click here

and found it cheaper without too much searching.

]click here

So don't think they are really half price.
Ive just froogled three or four items in the Tescos "sale" . Tescos werent cheaper on any of them. Cold

Do they do the installation?

MMm id like to know this too DO they install?

Its blatantly not Tescos who are selling the bathrooms so I am guessing whoever they are if you get it off them they prob do offer installation - please can someone clarify?
You would be better of arranging your own installation cheaper and you could get a recommendation from a friend to ensure a good lasting job.

Anyone brought tesco bathrooms before?

Yes, found out that you are actually dealing with a company called Mark Two Distributors. God help you if you have a problem, rude and unhelpful customer services and charge you £50 pounds collection fee if goods are not suitable. Nothing to do with Tesco and it doesn't appear you are covered by their returns policy. Tesco customer services are under instruction to divert your inquiry to them. They don't don't have any info regarding your order. My advice is stay clear. :x:thinking:
check out wickes for cheaper bathrooms than tesco, :-D
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