Half Price Bikes @ Tesco
Tesco are selling some of their bikes for half-price, I just bought a 20" Vertigo Etna for my son. This seems to be in-store as well as on-line.

Hope it helps someone.


Looks quite good to me. The ratings on these bikes on the Tesco site are quite favourable too!

thanks heat and rep added. exactly what i was after. Use voucher code TD-P47F to get £10 off.

not bad for £60.00, just for me to go for bike rides with my daughters.

edit. reviews not too good for the brakes etc,..... is it possible to pick up a adult mens bike thats half decent for this sort of price.

The bike 'enthusiasts' will tell you these are rubbish but that's missing the point as they're not £200+. However, I'm inclined to think the Tesco ones are priced up to be sold at half price. Now, when Asda did £60 bikes for £30 that was a real deal in my view!

Don't expect much from a bike at this price level and you won't be disappointed.
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