Half Price  cooking sauces 89p @ M&S.

Half Price cooking sauces 89p @ M&S.

Found 23rd Jan 2011
Cooking sauces at Marks and Spencers reduced from £1.78 down to 89p
Steak peppercorn sauce
Caramalised onion
Black bean sauce
Various other Curry Sauces
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recommend the black bean sauce

recommend the black bean sauce

Saw these the other day and was going to pick a few up. Will give that a go. Never noticed offers like these before, will have to pop in more often!
Has been on for a few weeks. - See this deal
True - picked up Tom Yum and Pad Thai pastes last week...
These are lovely.....had the caramelised onion one on Friday.Wouldn't pay double though for them
Curry pastes are half price too - 99p
These are yum. Get em while theyre cheap!
Good curry sauces.
How did I miss this thread? Just been in and seen a fair few nice looking ones, especially the amole chilli and the pour over sauces.
The apple one is great
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