Half price Dogit dog and cat crates

Half price Dogit dog and cat crates

Found 11th Sep 2007
For anyone thinking of getting a dog crate, I cannot rate these Dogit crates more highly or the company supplying them.

Made of thick metal with a blue plastic coating, it is super sturdy and the door completely mischievous-dog-proof.

We got one of these (the giant size) for our Labrador puppy and it's the best purchase we have made in a long time. It gives her the security of her own space in which our older dog doesn't go into, and it gives us the security of a mess-free, un-chewed kitchen.

For any sceptics (like I was 4 months ago, my parents bought it and I was totally against the idea thinking it was a bit cruel) after 2 days of the puppy wimpering and wining a bit she soon got over it and now chooses of her own accord to go into the crate when she is tired, thinks it's time for a nap and infrequently she gets put in there when she is over tired and needs some time out.

Great for puppies as the giant size is huge and the bed goes on one side and newspaper on the other so mess is easy cleared up.

Giant size: £99.99 now £49.99
Large size: £89.99 now £44.99
Medium size: £69.99 now £34.99
Small size: £54.99 now £27.49
Mini size: £39.99 now £19.99

Also good for dogs and cats recovering from operations who are on restricted exercise.

2 tips - 1) Buy the attachable water bowl as it won't spill
2) A dark cotton sheet ontop will restrict light into the crate and meant our puppy slept longer as the light didn't wake her up as early in the mornings. We found a blanket was too heavy and it got too hot.

I know this is not a particully hot deal and it seems to be a pretty permanent half price deal, but it is the cheapest out there that I oculd find, and I searched for a looong time, and I can vouch for both the item and company. I though maybe of some use to someone.

Free delivery over either £45 or £50 I can't remember, Quidco 5%and also ipoints (you can collect both quidco and ipoints on the same transaction).
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Thanks for posting this, nice informative post and good prices!
You wouldn't get many dogs in these though?

You wouldn't get many dogs in these though?

Link doesn't show any items on the page.
Really good original post with plenty of information, but not too long to read
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