Half Price Dulux Paint Pod B&Q £34

Half Price Dulux Paint Pod B&Q £34

Found 23rd Aug 2008
"With the new Dulux PaintPod roller system, painting has never been easier, faster or cleaner. The Dulux PaintPod roller system uses paint which is specially formulated. The matt emulsion comes in a unique pack, which just drops into the Dulux PaintPod roller system. Easy fast and even cleans itself."

May be a gimmick, mixed reviews online. However bank holiday price saves £35 off usual B+Q price.
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saw this posted previously , b&q down road had hundreds on friday but nearly sold out this evening, doent seem to be much paintpod paint being sold though. good xmas present if you ask me.
I used to have a similiar machine like this of yesteryear.... like 10 years ago... hopeless it was.... I got one of these now and have to admit I was amazed at first - when the roller was nice and new.............. but having finished 2 coats on the one room.....................................

now moved to paint the 2nd room............ - its awful!

I guess if you want a good job done, your better off buying 35 quid worth of decent roller's and using each roller for each room

Like they say - to get a good job done you need to put in some elbow grease................

Like they say - to get a good job done you need to put in some elbow … Like they say - to get a good job done you need to put in some elbow grease................

Must admit, I've never heard that saying before in my life... ever.
Must admit that 'putting in some elbow grease' is one of the most common sayings ever !

If only that pathetic England Football team realised it ..........................
anybody else used one whats it like? :thinking:

ps ive heard of elbow grease...try to avoid it if i can :-D

maybe an age thing if u not heard of the stuff :w00t:
Stay well clear of these!! I bought one the other day used it once and took it back the next day! Stick to normal painting, these make what should be easy really hard! Trust me if you buy one u wilol find out! You have been warned......
Went to b & q intending maybe to buy a dulux paint pod, when we got there they were demonstrating it. The staff member just couldn't get it to work she was going :oops: another member came over and he failed as well so they swiftly opened another box.
In the end we thought it looked more trouble than its worth so just brought some decent rollers.

You have to replace the roller with each new colour
You could only use paint pod paint
The pipe needed replacing with every 10 uses
The size of the room covered with each pop seemed very small although i cannot remember the size sorry

my husband has the elbow grease lol
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