Half price DVD's at homebase
Not the most obvious place to go DVD shopping, but mine has about 3 stands of DVD's, all half price. I got 'knocked up' for £1.49 and XXX for 99p. They had 'mamma mia' for about £6, and loads of kid ones in the carry packs for about £1.50 each, I noticed Bagpuss, Postman Pat and Barbie in Swan Lake, amongst others.
Lots of variety, might be worth having a look if your local one has the same offer.

And please.....no comments about the 'knocked up' lol


I got 'knocked up' for £1.49

no comment needed...lol

this should be wayyy hotter than it is.

i bought parenthood, the game and the 6th day for a grand total of £2.97!!!

other 99p titles include Carlitos Way, Serenity and Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist (which was released in cinemas in Januaray 09). all depends on availability, but very much worth popping down to your local homebase to check it out. make sure you take them to the tills, as they were all priced incorrectly at £3.99

I just got Mean Streets special edition for £1.49!! Bargain


"I got 'knocked up' for £1.49 and XXX for 99p""

Half price DVD's what?

i work at homebase and got Jarhead for £1.19!

that was with 20% off £1.49


i work at homebase

you poor thing ;-)

wtf, homebase, next they will be selling food instore?!? lol

yup, they already hound you for one of their storecards, not to mention nectar card, pet insurance & replacement cover.

man all i wanna do is just buy a pack of screws!


you poor thing ;-)

part time, easiest job on the planet so not really poor thing!

also come into the store i work at and there's no chance of me offering you homebase cards or nectar cards, cos to be honest i couldn't give a flying f**k if the company makes any money or not!

oh and if you're buying screws go to B&Q... It's far cheaper
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