Half Price Energy Lightbulbs
Half Price Energy Lightbulbs

Half Price Energy Lightbulbs

All energy lightbulbs are now half price at Tesco - permanently!!!

You are now saving money on the purchase, saving money when using the bulbs as they are considerably cheaper to use than standard bulbs and you are also saving the Planet by minimising your 'Carbon Footprint'.

For example, 11(60)watt bulb - now £0.81
9(40)watt candle bulb - now £1.68

These prices are very good as I was in B&Q last night and their bulbs were about three times as much.

The price reduction applies to all energy bulbs whether they are made by tesco, philips or whoever.


B&Q are a disgrace for bulb prices, I've bought some energy saving dual nightlight/light bulbs from Maplins for just over 2 quid when I saw them in B&Q they were over 7 pounds.

Anyway this is a great deal. Thanks.

The awesome GE energy saving bulbs are now very cheap - £1.68 for the twisted one which is 11W. The amount of energy saved by just installing these things is incredible. A lot of people are put off because when they're turned on from cold they are pretty dull but give them 10 minutes and they're just as bright. We've got them throughout the flat now and they're just as good in the evening.

There was a post some time ago now for John Lewis.


Philips Genie CFL Energy Saver Bulb, 11 Watt BC

Product code - 70307011
more than 10 in stock


Product Information
This energy saving bulb is equivalent to a standard 60W bulb but uses 5x less electricity and lasts for around 6000 hours - that's 6 years.

Note Not suitable for dimming.

Standard Delivery within 5 working days £3.95
Next or Named Day delivery £6.95
Delivery before 10.30am next working day £9.95

This is where I got my last batch.
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