Half Price Entry Tickets For Adults  @ Legoland etc

Half Price Entry Tickets For Adults @ Legoland etc

Found 27th Mar 2008
I have just come back from Legoland and on the back of all there maps is two half price tickets for all of the Merlin Group ( legoland, alton tower,chessington,thorpe park , the dungeons) Plus a voucher for 6 pound off each person into legoland. I bought back loads for my friends to help them out, so if your off there or anywhere else get them to send you some maps!! Save some money!! Happy holidays!!


mistressmiajane - I changed this to a deal as it is not an actual voucher in and of itself

Don't think you'll find it's half price at Legoland, they only do the £6pp offers.

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On the back of the legoland map is TWO HALF PRICE TICKETS!!! for all the merlin entertainment places.
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