Half Price Gardening Sale at Asda
Several cheap items in the Cribbs Causeway, Bristol Asda today. Hand fork and trowel just 50p per set, 3 pairs of gardening gloves for 50p, large size slug pellets £1 and Hoselock hose connectors half price at £1.25. Various feeds, weed killers etc reduced too.

Not sure if in other stores, but suspect it will be as it's the end of our summer (?!) soon.


also in asda brighton marina - some sale garden furniture avaliable there too.

Ref the Slug pellets, whilst cheap, these are invariably the wildlife unfriendly ones, that can affect frogs, hedgehogs etc.

Whilst dearer, and not in a deal as far as I know, products like the Growing Success slug pellets are human, pet and wildlife safe, and break down releasing beneficial products into your garden.

Otherwise, these are hot deals! Visit to asda coming up
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