Half Price Grobag Baby Sleep Bags - £12.99 - 2.5 and 1.0 Tog @ TKMaxx

Half Price Grobag Baby Sleep Bags - £12.99 - 2.5 and 1.0 Tog @ TKMaxx

LocalFound 31st May 2009
We've looked everywhere for a 1.0 tog sleep bag that is for 12-18 months and nowhere seemed to stock them except Mothercare who charge FROM £26.99! Someone suggested TK Maxx so we went there today and thy had all togs for all ages and there even some non-Grobag ones for £9.99. The Grobag ones were just £12.99 though so we got those - always good to go with the best when they are that cheap! In this weather we were getting desperate to find 1.0 bags without paying a fortune.
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We got all our from tk maxx.....shame she now in a duvet :o( Growing up to quickly!
Good deal having just paid rediculous money at Mothercare.

However for those of you who can't get to TKMAXX and have a Mothercare more local, Mothercare are doing a buy 1 get 1 half price. Their cheapest own brand is £19.99, so its under £30 for 2. That price is for both 1 and 2.5 tog.
As far as I can see the Oxford branch seems to always have these at this price - bought a couple at the weekend. ust wish they had the 0.5 tog for this weather!
Good deal. Heat added.

As an aside, I got a 1.5 tog (6-12 months) sleeping bag in Primark for £3 at the weekend. They also did 0-6 months.

Tesco do lovely 1.5 tog for £6 as well.
TK Maxx been doing these for years, I got some out of there for my daughter (she is now 5!), it always seems to be the lightweight summer ones that they do, rather than they cosy winter ones, but perfect for summer.
Good find - we purchased at the weekend. Couldn't believe the value to be had. Cheers
:thumbsup: I bought some for my Daughter from mothercare when she was little and paid £29 each for them (have to have a spare incase of sickness), wish we had a TK Max near us at the time.
Dunelm Mill are selling these (not the same design) at half price. £12.99 to £6.49 maybe even less i can't remember.
The wife got one on the weekend, great value for the little one especially in this hot weather!.

I got my summer Grobags from TKMaxx last year as they were half the price of elsewhere. If you can't find any winter ones there, I can definately recommend the Dreambag ones. They are cheaper than Grobag RRP but not as cheap as TKMaxx Grobag prices.


They have some cute designs and are nicer than the Grobag designs.....
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