Half Price Halloween costumes/clothes @ Asda
First post so sorry if this isn't right!

My local Asda had half price Halloween costumes & Halloween baby clothes this morning. Would have thought this will be nationwide....


Old white sheet over the head, couple of holes for eyes and you're done.

Well just come back from my local asda Rooley lane Bradford and they had all halloween at half price too. We spent £10 bargains all round

i'm waiting for them to reduce the halloween cadburys creme eggs, num num love em but wouldnt pay 50p each for one.

Meant to post this myself this morning. My local chavda also has the half price Halloween outfits.

everything halloween half price @ asda chadderton today also

morley and pudsey asda has lots of stuff half price,went into morley about 3 o clock and people were snapping it up!

I went last night and my asda reduced all kids halloween costumes to £1, bargain.
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