Half price hard drive - 250g - nice colour too - £59.97 @ Tesco
Tesco say:

With this Western Digital red passport drive, you can now carry improtant files from work and home or on the road. This hard disk drive with a 250Gb storage capacity lets you share large files between different PCs or Macs and back up your existing hard drive. Includes USB cable and a quick install guide.

I say: nice colour, only 5400 rpm


Looks like an airbed to me:?

was £50 at comet just recently, might still be that price.

They also have the Black at the same price; they're slightly cheaper at Amazon though. £54.70 for black and £56.71 for red or pink.

I got the 320gb version for £59.99 at PC World. 44% larger for 2p!

Sorry I'm not at all techie.
Want something to store photos, word docs etc and be accessible from 2 laptops and 2 PCs would this be suitable??? Ive got a wireless router.
If not can anyone recommend something??
many many thanks

If you setup filre sharing this could work but the laptop its attached too would need to be on. It sounds like you want a NAS (Network attached storage) which are a bit more expensive.

Buffalo do a good range (I've got an older model)

Buffalo Link Station 500GB Network Attached Storage ( NAS ) from Amazon. You might find better but for a NAS at 500 thats not bad.
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