Half Price Heinz Tomato Soup 4 Pack @ Sainsburys

Half Price Heinz Tomato Soup 4 Pack @ Sainsburys

Found 9th Nov 2007
Sainsburys have half price Heinz Tomato soup for less than 30p a can at present. One of my favorite winter warmers now the weather is heading that way!!

Offer is on till the 20th of November, nationwide i presume?
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Gordon Blue Meal :-
One Bowl of Heinz Tomato Soup (No substitutes Allowed)
One Bowl of Proper Chips ( Made from real potatoes cooked in nice healthy Lard - none of your oven chips rubbish):thumbsup:
Place Bowls side by side, with a fork grab chip dip in tomato soup for 5 secs.
Eat while hot.:p

Gordon Ramsey what does he know, but his tomato soup and cheese on toast in Paris this week was close.:whistling:
The single cans of heinz soup are (or were) on 3 for 2.
Picked some up last night after a VERY long day out as we needed something
quick and easy.
We make it with grated cheese melted in it, and a swirl of sour cream
on the top. The kids love it.
Fantastic with their part baked baguettes or part baked buns with loads of
real butter on them.
I'm getting hungry now!
just picked up 10 packs hot hot hot

amazing deal rep'd
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