Half price mens Levi Jeans @ TJ Hughes online

Half price mens Levi Jeans @ TJ Hughes online

Found 11th Oct 2012

Just received this in an email and seems a pretty good deal? Levi 506 in choice of three colours;

Most sizes available.

Eta: £3.75 p&p. Still a good bargain I think?


I remember when that was the normal price for Levi's, and now £40 is half price? Crazy.

I've had Diesel jeans from TK Maxx for £40, sat alongside Replay pairs as well, which seems a better deal to me.

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I find TK Maxx a bit hit and miss in terms of designer clothes in sizes other than small but well done on your bargains. Maybe the deal I posted is useful for those who don't live near one?

Eta: maybe not seeing how its been voted cold. Oh well, I tried!!! :-)
Edited by: "cazie6" 11th Oct 2012

Hey, don't stop trying. Didn't vote myself, but I'm lucky in that I have TK Maxx's all around where I live, including three in a city where they have to stock designers or else they won't compete.
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