Half Price Merlin Pass!

Half Price Merlin Pass!

Found 11th Aug 2008
I have been to my local sealife centre today(Great Yarmouth) using my Merlin annual pass that i got with my tesco points.
There was a giant poster advertising the annual pass and it had a banner over it saying Now Half Price This offer excludes using Tesco deals,but £62.50 for a years entrance to all those places is a really good offer.
I did ask when the offer ended but the boy behind the desk did not know.
Also i have been on the website but there is no mention of it.
So this could be available at all there attractions.
Lets hope so.
Hope this is of help to someone

Ring - 01493 330631 and you can buy the passes over the phone. They will send you the receipt and you just have to go to one of the big parks to have the card made up. £62.50 each or £187.50 for a family pass.
- loveabargain
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i'm thinking:thinking: is it half price because it only runs till the end of the year???
According to website, Sealife centres don't sell Merlin Annual passes, only Sealife passes so I suspect half price only applies to Sealife Annual passes. :whistling:
What a shame this doesn't appear to be quite right. Can you confirm it was definately the Merlin Pass that is half price.

According to website, Sealife centres don't sell Merlin Annual passes, … According to website, Sealife centres don't sell Merlin Annual passes, only Sealife passes so I suspect half price only applies to Sealife Annual passes. :whistling:

The website says passes cannot be ordered online and collected from Sealife Centres/Sanctuaries, but they can be purchased direct from a Centre/Sanctuary.
It was def the Merlin Pass.
As i was using mine i said i might buy another for my nephew.
The Annual pass is valid for a year from purchase, so you have a full 12 months not 6.
Sorry i don't have any more info.
How come this deal is being voted cold? If you go to these places regularly, then its not that bad value.
Heat added as the pass would come in use throughout school holidays :-) xx
The Merlin Pass is available from Sea Life, as I attended the venue only a couple weeks ago and saw the posters advertising the pass, although I didn't see the half price offer, they're all part of the Merlin group.

I don't know if this is such a great deal though, purely because if you look around, you could always attend any of the events for half price, such as any theme park for £16.50 and if you decide you want to go again the same summer, you could buy "bounce back" which allows you to attend for a tenner.
Sea Life can be purchased for half price too at £6.50, Madame Tassuads for £12.50 if you go via fast track and after 5pm.

So this means, you could attend 2 theme parks, sea life centre and the world famous wax museum for £45.50, so this means you're paying nearly £20 more if you think you're going to regularly visit these places.

Of course if you believe you will attend several venues within a year, then it's definitely worth it and I would highly recommend buying it towards the end of the theme park season because you'll be able to attend as many times as possible the following year too with the newer rides.

Hope that helps. :thumbsup:
It's true...i called them on 01493 330631 and they confirmed they're still doing the Merlin pass for £62.50. The advisor also told me it's availble at all Merlin attractions until further notice.
just phoned legoland and they are denying that it is half price.
I rang Great Yarmouth and Brighton Sea Life Centres - only at Great Yarmouth and you have to go there to purchase :-(

Great value if you are near to the centre, voted hot!
I have just phoned the great yarmouth sealife centre on 01493 330631
The lady told me a family pass is £187.50 and single is £62.50.
It is only available at great Yarmouth but is valid for all merlin attractions.
She also said it is a ltd offer but does not know when it runs out.
You could probaly order over the phone as they send the paperwork off anyway.
The lady told me you couldn't do it over phone - if anyone does do it over phone, pls post 'cos I'd definitely buy two.
This is such a good deal that it is almost worth a day trip to Great Yarmouth to get one!!! I live in Hertfordshire. It seems a bit off that you can get a half price one there but no where else.
They will do it over the phone - I am on hold now doing it!!!! Woo hoo!!!!

Heat and rep given.
Such a shame this is going to get missed by so many people because of the early cold votes.

This is a hot deal and deseves some heat.
Called chessington, they don't have it. Called Great Yarmouth sealife, they can only do it on the site, not on phone. The advisor confirmed its only in yarmouth. Can anybody confirmed in other sites, eg london eye, madame tussaud, thorpe park etc? I know somebody here called legoland already and they don't offer it. Thanks for that. Shame... its such a good offer. Would have done it for the whole family.
yarmouth will do it over the phone! I did it that way yesterday and my receipt and a voucher (to exchange for the pass at one of the theme parks) arrived today. Ring yarmouth again and tell them that your friend did it yesterday over the phone. I did it at 2pm yesterday and the lady said she had sold 4 family passes over the phone already.
called again. she said only on site not over the phone. :-((
Bad luck - maybe it's a different staff member today. It was Salli (according to my till receipt) who helped me yesterday and she was lovely. Very friendly and chatty
called this morning and told the offer ended yesterday at 6pm. she said she didn't know wether they would do it again or where. =-
Hi there, i am new to this site but was just wondering if the half price merlin pass were stil available?

Thanks Dave
dont matter, just seen the response
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