Half Price Mobile Broadband + Cashback @ Three

Half Price Mobile Broadband + Cashback @ Three

Found 10th Nov 2008
You can get mobile broadband from 3 for half price by using Cashback Kings.
Click on Buy at 3mobile and change the offer code in the URL if you want 3GB or 15GB.
1GB - £5 per month (£15 cashback)
3GB - £7.50 per month (£15 cashback)
15GB - £15 per month (£80 cashback)


voted cold because the offer has been going on for a few months and the £7.50 pm one if ordered thru the other link gets you 5gb a month and not 3!



The first 5 gig is £7,50 - but go over that and they hit you with over £85 per gig (8,4p per meg).

You can only really describe a pricing structure like that as a racket.

As a warning, my sister bought this and the download speeds were appauling!. she could only get 450kbs and sometimes nothing at all.And she lives in SE London. She managed to cancel the contract within the 14 days, thank goodness.
I've got a mobile with three and I'm not impressed with the dropped calls and sound quality.

you can phone up and get the credit limit (which was for me £75 pm) down to zero then you won't go over your limit.

only got this so that I have the opportunity to show clients, work online... and outside web emergencies. If tmobile would have matched this then I would have spent the £7.50 with them...

Voted Hot as its a good deal but i have one already and do find the download speeds for web browsing mostly as usable sometimes ive had it moving at snail pace though so its a bit mixed on my experince so far from brilliant but least it gets internet when im out at work or on holiday in Uk :roll:
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