Half Price MOT @ Halfords - £27.42

Half Price MOT @ Halfords - £27.42

Found 15th Jul 2014
Class 4 Vehicles (Car)

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles pass their MOT test every year with Halfords Autocentre - one of the UK's largest VOSA-approved test centre networks. Our specialist ATA-trained testers are experts at ensuring vehicles are inspected to the highest standards and issued with their MOT certificate with as little hassle as possible.
Should your vehicle need a little help to pass the test, you can rest assured that almost all repairs can be carried out on site on the same day. Any repairs and charges will be notified to you upfront, so no nasty surprises! Book online to take advantage of our web exclusive prices.
Please note: we are unable to MOT motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles.
In a hurry?

If you need your MOT urgently, our online booking system will let you book into your local Autocentre just minutes before the appointment time, providing there is an available slot.

MOTs £35
Autocentre Price £54.85
Saving £27.43


As it's so cheap they make their money back by stitching u up on fails and charging the earth for parts.. Not worth it go to local garages who only charge £35-40 anyway

I have always used Halfords for MOT's and have never had a problem with old cars

I've not had any issues using Halfords. I've used them for close to 5 years. I know about cars too as I work in the body repair side of the trade.

My car sailed through with Halfords...went to an independent garage with my old car for its first MOT and they charged me over £300 for things I later found out would never have needed changing on a 3 year old car that had only done 25K unless I had been racing it off road...which I hadn't...

I was quite skeptical about going to Halfords at first but it was half price and my MOT had run around 2 weeks before so I needed a next day appointment, glad I took it to them

Also gone with Halfords for three years now (same car) no issues. Had advisories on my last MOT which were all legit.

They even call you up as your MOT is approaching to book you in again, always for the same low price.

Good experience here from Halfords MOT in Bletchley - heat from me.

VOSA Approved..?

VOSA no longer exists.

Take a huge pile of cash.

I've never had any problem using Halfords for my MOT. The same can't be said for back-street garages. The latter are, in my opinion, more likely to try and scam you, as they don't fear the consequences.

I have used Halfords in Rugby for the last 2 years and they have been great. I use them for my servicing and MOT, then I get another garage to fix any problems reported. The local Garage is a friend who is happy to take on hassle free work from me because I show up with a list of jobs and all the parts he needs. He's never given me any indication that Halfords were trying to scam me. They do charge more for repairs, but they charge more per hour of labour and they pay a premium to get on the day delivery for their parts. So long as you are aware of this you can mitigate any problems.

Anyway, heat from me. It is always on offer at this price, but I wanted to chip in and say I have had nothing but good experiences with halfords garages.

If anyone uses the AA Breakdown repair service, Halfords is a great option as they are an approved AA garage and the AA will pay them directly, saving you the hassle of making a claim

I take back what I said...My girlfriends sister in law took her car to the same Halfords that both me and my girlfriends Dad used today only to be charged £400 for a new cam belt and water pump that the same mechanic actually changed about 11 months ago, they wouldn't let her have the car back until she paid so she had no choice, what an absolute c**t thinking he can take the **** out of a naive young girl
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