Half price Mozarella cheese or Mozarella Light @ LIDL

Half price Mozarella cheese or Mozarella Light @ LIDL

Found 3rd Aug 2009Made hot 3rd Aug 2009
Lidl are currently selling Mozarella cheese or Mozarella Light for an amazing 27p! I love this stuff and bought ten of them as it keeps very well in the freezer.


Top value

can mozarella be frozen?

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Yes, mozarella can be frozen. I learned this tip from my father-in-law who is Italian and ran his own restaurant in London for 25 years.


top value but i always thought you couldnt freeze it well thats what it says on packaging

but if you can freeze it then great i always but alot of mozarella when i do a shop not from lidl but always end up bining 3 or 4 of em

I was there earlier & picked up 4 packs - go through at least 2 every week.

But I wouldnt freeze it.

pizza for tea tomorrow :-)

mmm mozzarella... and the light version really is low fat for a cheese.

Can I just butt in here.. and say .. you are all calling it Lidl .. when of course as EVERYONE knows ..its Leeeeeeeeeedill


Yeah - you've seen the adverts too eh!

They're advertising on TV? Cue huge price rises... :cry:

Bargain :-D

Tescos have started wanting something closer to £1 for the same cheese..
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