Half Price on ALL Bath/Basin/Mixer Taps @ B&Q
My first deal post so be gentle

Went into my local B&Q and they had signs up around the bath/basin taps advertising that ALL were HALF PRICE! Got myself some swanky new modern basin and bath taps with cost me just under £55 for both instead of £110. The offer was also on the shower mixer type taps as well. Just checked and the offer is online too. Not sure how long the offer is on for...


Beware of B&Q's Half price offers - kitchen cabinets where on sale in October - regular price £35 and £37 (400mm and 600mm wall cabinets) doubled in December to £70 & £74 then where in the half price sale ! see independent article ]http//ww…tml

ill agree with the cabinet price issue, that is definitely true. 1/2 price on bathrooms and bathroom taps is a good bargain. they were not increased before the sale! the half price on kitchens is good for the doors as they werent increased before the sale. the only issue with the B&Q sale is the cabinets and the installation. they were both increased before the sale!

The Guaira bath spout from Roca looks great, got to get this in my bathroom.
This is a great collection of bathroom taps
. I would love to come back here again and again.
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