Half price on lots of items @ Sainsburys (instore/online) + extra nectar points
Half price on lots of items @ Sainsburys (instore/online) + extra nectar points

Half price on lots of items @ Sainsburys (instore/online) + extra nectar points

Sainsburys are currently running a half price sale on hundreds of items, examples from my recent delivery order:

McCoys Crisps 6 pack - 67p (£1.35)
Mullerlight Yoghurts - 21p (42p)
Bounty BBQ Kitchen Roll (2x56 sheet) - 99p (£1.99)
Charmin Linen Toilet Roll 4pack - £1.24 (£2.25)
Sainsburys Bakery Cookies (5 pack) - 46p (92p)
Cathedral City Light Mature - £1.64 (£3.28)
Sainsburys Batch loaves - 47p (94p)
Iams Mature Cat food - £2.99 (£5.99)
Coca Cola 1.25lt - 58p (£1.16)

Enough of my shopping list

This is online and offline, in my local Sainsburys every aisle end display is half price this or that. But Sainsburys are also adding Nectar points onto these items too. For example:

The Iams Cat food is normally £5.99 (11 points) but is reduced to £2.99 (5 points), so Sainsburys add 6 bonus points (e.g. you get full nectar points on any half-price item)

Just thought this might be of use to those of you who shop at Sainsburys (or have one close by)


They also had 75% certain items in the outdoor bit such as pots for the garden!

i got laods half price yesterday too, cant remeber the prices but they were half price:

Walls cornish ice cream
fabulous bakin boys flapjacks
viennese whilrls
thin cut steak slices
chicken breasts

most of half price offers were at isle ends, also loads of great mugs reduced from £3.99 to 75p


did the site used to hav scan section, where the deal posters, leaflets are being scanned? it would be useful for groceries shopping.

Went into local sainsburys today after seeing this and got loads of stuff for half price! these are a few of the things i got:
Richmond thick sausages, 4 chicken breasts, coca cola 1.25 litre any variety, hobnobs, twin packs of jaffa cakes, king prawns, 6 pcks of mini cheddars, bacon and cheese quiche, birdseye pub style pies, coco shreddies, frosted shreddies, coco pops rocks and straws - plus theres loads more!!
so thanks a lot for the pointer lazygamer, i've got plenty of bargains today.

The oh so good Moist Chocolate Cake from the fridge section is back on half price too. £2.49 is so good, £4.99 NO NO NO.

Just got home having spent £30 of which only milk and bread wasn't a half price offer. Quite a few were sold out, but still happy enough. You seem to get bonus Nectar points on the half pricers as well.
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