Half price on suncare @ Sainsbury's

Half price on suncare @ Sainsbury's

Found 28th Apr 2010
Half price on suncare

Stock for the summer whether your home or away.

Ambre Solaire Clear Spray SPF 10 200ml
Save 50% was £13.99 now £6.99

Ambre Solaire Kids Milk SPF 30 200ml
Save 50% was £11.99 now £5.99

Nivea Sun Coloured Sun Spray For Childrens SPF 50+ 200ml
Save 50% was £11.99 now £5.99

Piz Buin Allergy Lotion SPF 15 200ml
Save 50% was £14.29 now £7.14
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Summer in UK!
I hate these so called offers.. It's only half price because they charge double the price when there's less demand for it over the winter months!
Now there giving us a deal... Yeah right! All the companies selling sun care products are the same!
Cold from me. That's way too expensive for my budget, didn't Asda own make of sun cream show up to be the same quality as the big brands last year. i bought mine from there last year and found it to be just as good and will do the same although I did see some at the co-op pharmacy last week at half proce and much better value.
I think most of the above are £5 in Asda atm.
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